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Cheetah Learning Adds Agile Certification Course to Help Project Managers Boost Careers, Improve Results

Cheetah Learning, a leader in Accelerated Exam Prep for the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, has introduced a new certification course in Agile project management.

The online Cheetah Agile certification course teaches the fundamentals of Agile project management, skills that can be applied in numerous industries. Those who complete the course are Cheetah Agile Certified and qualified to lead as Agile project managers. 

“Agile is the future of project management,” said Michelle LaBrosse, PMP, CCL, CAC, PMI-ACP, RYT, founder and CEO of Cheetah Learning. “Since its beginning in software development, it has evolved to demonstrate its usefulness in a variety of applications. Project managers who learn the Agile method are well-positioned to succeed for themselves and for their employers.”

Because the emphasis is on achieving significant goals in two weeks, becoming Cheetah Agile Certified aids in project completion. The fundamental goal of the two-week deadline is to remediate one of the main causes of project delays, namely procrastination brought on by digital distraction. People can put procrastination in the past by making it a habit to focus and complete a substantial endeavor in two weeks. Even LaBrosse utilized this method to finish her book, The Cheetah Agile Project, in just two weeks.

One student had this to say about the course: “Being part of the beta group for the Cheetah Agile Certified program gave me a hunch that improving my project-completion speed would benefit my career. But I was surprised to find out that it was also an immense help in my private life. As part of the class demonstration project, I took on a personally meaningful task preparing an estate sale something I had been putting off. Thanks to my diligence during the course, we discovered an additional $450,000 worth of assets in the estate!”

Becoming Cheetah Agile Certified helps managers achieve their goals faster in the following ways:

  1. Delivering value quickly and continuously
  2. Fostering collaboration and feedback
  3. Continuously improving processes
  4. Building a network of like-minded professionals
  5. Picking the right opportunities to stand out

Cheetah Agile Certified managers improve their own prospects while also succeeding for their employers. Applying what they’ve learned in the course enable managers to:

  1. Stand out in a job market where Agile-trained managers are in demand
  2. Expand career opportunities, including higher salaries and more responsibilities
  3. Increase credibility and trust

Agile training also leads to increased self-confidence, the ability to accomplish more with fewer resources, and more interesting and challenging work assignments.

“Learning Agile techniques supercharges the skills and careers of project managers,” said LaBrosse. “It’s an investment that pays off immediately for managers and their employers and continues to provide benefits long-term.”