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Cheetah Learning Launches Virtual Leadership Certification Course to Address Remote Work Environment

Cheetah Learning has added a new course to address a growing national shortage of qualified leaders skilled in leading remote teams.

The Certified Virtual Leader Program teaches students how to assemble, manage, inspire and succeed with teams whose members are working from home or in multiple locations.

“There simply aren’t enough leaders and managers with the necessary skills to succeed and ensure their organizations thrive in the new remote work environment,” said Michelle LaBrosse, founder and CEO of Cheetah Learning. “Our new leadership course teaches how to overcome the challenges of remote teams, retain top talent, and can turn managers into leaders and average leaders into outstanding ones.” 

The 12-week, online Virtual Leader Program teaches students how to:

  • Develop meaningful “facetime” practices that inspire others to be the best version of themselves;
  • Inspire personal accountability that empowers others to achieve their important life goals in alignment with the vision, mission and goals of their employer;
  • Create and reinforce a corporate culture that fosters virtual team performance.

The large-scale shift to remote work as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the challenges of leading virtual teams. For example, remote workers can feel isolated, unseen and undervalued, while others show a lack of accountability, LaBrosse said. 

“Leading a remote team and managing projects at a distance requires different skills than working in-person,” she said. “Leaders and organizations need these aptitudes if they are to succeed in this new environment.”

Students who take the new course will be better positioned to advance their careers and help their organizations.

The Center for Creative Leadership continues to sound the alarm about a coming shortage of leaders that will do enormous damage if left unaddressed. A leadership gap in American business, government and nonprofits can be caused by a lack of mastery of required competencies or a lack of focus on necessary skills, but the results can be devastating. 

The Virtual Leader Program is one of several offered by Cheetah Learning that are guaranteed to improve outcomes and accelerate career success for managers and leaders.