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CoachHub goes all in on AI and coaching science with Innovation Lab

Global leader in digital coaching debuts new research initiative, advancing its work through analysis and market insights

CoachHub, the global leader in digital coaching, today launches the Innovation Lab, a transformative research initiative to facilitate innovation in digital coaching. The Innovation Lab brings together CoachHub’s in-house behavioral science team and members of the company’s Science Council, in addition to its partnership with renowned coaching institution EMCC Global.

The goal of CoachHub’s Innovation Lab is to bridge the gap between research in people development and real-world organizational needs, ensuring that coaching practices are effective and aligned with the constantly evolving requirements of businesses.

”AI has always been part of everything we do at CoachHub, from accurately matching coachees with coaches, to recommending in-the-moment learning materials. The Innovation Lab is designed to continue pushing boundaries in that space,” said Matti Niebelschuetz, CEO and Co-founder of CoachHub. ”By bringing together a group of world-leading coaching experts and proven insights from our global cohort of customers, we take a step forward in our offering, further supporting businesses in navigating their ever-evolving needs.”

CoachHub believes in combining cutting-edge technology, expert insights and customer collaboration. The Innovation Lab supports companies by connecting their learning and development needs to science-backed coaching initiatives. The Lab will be supported by members of CoachHub’s Science Council, including Doctors Marshall GoldsmithYi-Ling Lai and Professor David Clutterbuck.

”Organizations often innovate faster than the science can keep up with. Without scientific validation, it can be challenging to determine what is truly working for an organization when it comes to people development,” said Rosie Evans-Krimme, Director of the Innovation Lab and Behavioural Science at CoachHub. ”We embed science into all aspects of our coaching programs, to empower learning and development teams to make data-driven decisions that will have a lasting impact. The Innovation Lab will ensure that we remain ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest developments in both AI and coaching science.”

The Innovation Lab will be collaborating with EMCC Global on research into AI, ethics and how digital coaching can contribute to enhancing human coaching practices in the workplace. Together with CoachHub’s Science Council, the lab will be sharing these insights in a series of joint research papers and webinars. These research initiatives in AI, combined with market insights, facilitate the creation of personalized, impactful coaching programs for customers.

”Offering digital coaching to our employees helped us build a culture that encourages curiosity and lifelong learning,” said Nina Rauwald, Manager of Talent, Learning & Development at global industrial technology company Atlas Copco. ”Working with CoachHub’s Innovation Lab allowed us to gain comprehensive insights on how coaching impacted our organization, by sparking coaching as a leadership style and as a solution leaders recommend to their employees to help them reach their full potential.”