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CoachHub Introduces Co-development Hubs as First Collective Coaching Offering

New feature includes collective coaching sessions using evidence-based framework for peers to exchange experiences and best practices.

CoachHub, global leading digital coaching platform, announces today their new, first-of-its-kind collective coaching offering, Co-development Hubs. This new offering, digitally available worldwide for the first time, uses an evidence-based methodology to foster cohesive and effective team collaboration. The full-scale rollout is expected in Q1 2024.

Co-development Hubs are 90-minute sessions with four to six peers facilitated by a trained coach who follows the co-development methodology inspired by psychologist C. Champagne and management expert A. Payette. Each participant uses one session to share a problem they face. The coach then guides participants to exchange insights and practice coaching behaviors to co-create solutions.

“In today’s changing work environment, solving the toughest challenges requires the collective intelligence of various teams,” said Matti Niebelschuetz, CEO and co-founder of CoachHub. “Co-development Hubs unifies workforces to elevate competencies and encourage employees to work as a team to collaborate on possible solutions.”

Using combined intelligence, Co-development Hubs can unlock innovative thinking, build broader networks and encourage an environment of continuous education. This collective coaching will focus on an operational situation, skill, experience or challenge, with an emphasis on both group and self-reflection.

The key benefits in Co-development Hubs include:

  • Cultivating shared intelligence among the group.
  • Enhancing cross-functional collaboration.
  • Forming enduring connections among colleagues.
  • Addressing professional hurdles by tapping into peer insights and lessons.
  • Uncovering coaching techniques and behaviors for practical application.

“We are confident in the positive impact that co-development and collective intelligence can have on our employees,” said Florence Lafon-Quincy, Group HR Development Manager at Sodiaal. “These co-development programs allow us to strengthen networks across teams within our cooperative’s employees, including factory directors and female talents. CoachHub’s Co-development sessions dedicated to sharing experience encouraged our employees to solve shared challenges by strengthening cross-functional collaboration.”