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Codility Introduces AI-Resistant Skills Assessments

Codility announces the first ever solution to address the rapid rise and use of generative AI for cheating coding tests to ensure technical skills assessments continue to provide fair, evidence-based evaluations of candidates.

Codility the leading technical hiring platform, is announcing an AI-resistant library of tasks specifically designed to mitigate cheating on technical skills assessments using ChatGPT. Currently, the company is the only leading assessment vendor actively enabling customers to create AI-resistant assessments.

“At Codility, we understand that the AI landscape is highly dynamic, and it presents both opportunities and challenges for the technical hiring process. We want to empower our customers to adapt their stance on this technology over time as it unfolds. From allowing engineers to showcase their skills using generative AI to introducing features that mitigate and detect its use, we will continue to provide our customers with more options to select the assessment methods that best align with their hiring philosophy and goals, supporting building diverse and high performing engineering teams,” said Natalia Panowicz, CEO of Codility.

The team at Codility has conducted extensive testing across the task library and tags tasks according to ChatGPT solvability, allowing customers the option to create tests that are ChatGPT-resistant or easily identify and filter out ChatGPT-solvable tasks.

The company has also evolved how they develop new AI-resistant content and is increasing the production of highly ChatGPT-resistant task types within their assessment platform. “The ongoing testing and evolution of our AI-resistant library will support hiring teams in making confident, evidence-based hiring decisions, even with the growing prevalence and use of AI in skills testing,” noted Panowicz.

As the inventor and innovator of the technical skills assessment category, Codility is leading the way in researching AI’s applicability, impact, and benefits to technical assessment strategies. ChatGPT and other advancements in AI and emerging technologies will redefine the skills required to be a successful software engineer.

Codility is committed to being at the forefront of technical hiring innovation, and they are always evolving and adapting their platform to meet the changing needs of the engineering profession. Codility recognizes that generative AI is likely to become an everyday tool used by engineers in their roles and is dedicated to actively partnering with customers to help them evaluate and understanding emerging job skill requirements now and in the future.

In addition, Codility is also pleased to announce two new leaders to the executive team. These additions included seasoned leaders from both the US and Europe, bringing greater diversity and depth to the executive team. Notably, Amy Millard has joined Codility as Chief Marketing Officer, and Sacha Herrmann has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer. These accomplished executives bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective positions, and will play a vital role in driving Codility’s continued growth and success.