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Compucom Combines Analytics and Actionable Insight, Defines Digital Employee Experience with Newly Launched Service

Improving employee digital experience key to engaged, productive employees

The move to remote and hybrid work accelerated the need to have the right technology and support in place for employees to ensure a productive workforce. It also placed the digital employee experience center stage as a critical element of employee retention and satisfaction. Compucom, a leading managed IT services and technology provider, has set the standard of digital employee experience by launching its experience analytics and management dashboard along with its Digital Experience Management services in defining the overall digital employee experience.

Compucom leverages its proprietary service to glean insights into an employee’s technology experience then provides actionable insights to improve it. Combined with its full end-to-end device lifecycle and end-user support, Compucom serves the ongoing needs of enterprise customers in managing and improving the digital experience in four key dimensions: enabling employees via technology, providing self-sufficient issue resolution, offering well-defined support, and workplace flexibility.

“Even pre-pandemic, companies were focusing more on the employee experience, right-sizing its technology needs and moving from SLAs to XLAs,” said Compucom CEO Kevin Shank. “But no one was able to define it and establish ways to improve it – until now. Our teams leverage customer insights, third-party technologies and our own proprietary development to deliver on the promise of improving the employee experience.”

Measuring experience

Compucom developed four dimensions to measure and improve the digital employee experience. These dimensions are used to establish a baseline measurement and track the ongoing experience. Compucom partnered with Lakeside Software on the use of its digital employee experience (DEX) technology SysTrack, to develop the XAM tool’s dashboard and to monitor the experience. The analytics team reviews multiple data sets including telemetry data, support tickets, user sentiment and more to provide solutions to then improve the experience. The key is segmenting the digital experience into four dimensions, outlined below, with each having key performance indicators.

  • Technology Enabled: The ability for employees to access devices, data, and services that best fit their work style and work needs, with the ability to easily and securely integrate personal technology into their workplace ecosystem.
  • Self-Sufficient: Ensuring employees are empowered by having the option to complete most tasks independently which have been simplified through technology and automation.
  • Well Supported: Employees have access to timely, accurate support reachable through multiple channels, in a friendly and welcoming manner suiting user preference and current context.
  • Workplace Flexibility: Regardless of employee location, making sure they have access to technology and services necessary to be productive in a manner that is easy and secure.

“It is extremely important that managed workplace service providers offer a clear and comprehensive approach to help enterprise clients best leverage the EX-data collected from various sources,” said ISG principal analyst Mrinal Rai. “Compucom takes a differentiated approach to measure and improve EX. It leverages its strong service portfolio that supports uninterrupted productivity, self-service support, on-site field support and management of the entire employee lifecycle.”

Rai indicated while collecting the data is important, it is just as key to know what to do with that data and providing actionable solutions that drive business outcomes.

“By collecting data from different touchpoints such as endpoints, application performance and employee feedback to workplace support, Compucom translates them into service metrics,” Rai said. “It combines collected weighted service metrics to generate service KPIs that measure service reliability, performance, usage, and associated user sentiments. Providers such as Compucom are well-suited to addressing these client requirements by providing EX insights across key dimensions that ensure employee productivity, support, self-sufficiency and flexibility.”

Bottomline – employees want it

According to a survey conducted on behalf of Compucom last year, 9 out of 10 remote or hybrid enterprise workers would be happier at work if companies invested more in their technology and support. In fact, 70% said they would be more committed to their role if their company provided them with better technology and 94% wanted more choice in the technology they do use in the office.

“Because tech plays a central role in this new hybrid work environment, the winners will be those companies that provide a better digital employee experience boosting overall employee engagement and productivity,” Shank said.