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Connecting Durham to Software Engineering Training at Momentum through the NCCU Digital Equity Leadership Program

North Carolina Central University (NCCU) has partnered with Momentum, a Durham-based tech to offer a job training program in software engineering as a part of NCCU’s Digital Equity Leadership Program. This program aims to provide residents from eligible anchor communities in Durham with opportunities to bridge the digital divide. Participants in the program can gain coding skills for software engineering and software quality assurance and information systems development. This program is funded by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA) Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program.

This collaboration reflects NCCU’s commitment to “Truth and Service,” and its dedication to addressing the challenges faced by those on the wrong side of the digital divide. As an institution rooted in ideals of equity and equality, NCCU has joined forces with Digital Durham, Kramden Institute, Durham Public Schools Foundation, Durham County Library, and the Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center to create a connected community where all residents can access, afford, and effectively use digital technology. In pursuit of this mission, NCCU has chosen Momentum as its strategic partner to deliver a comprehensive software engineering program to local residents.

Momentum’s CEO Jessica Mitsch Homes expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “NCCU’s legacy aligns perfectly with the ideals supported by this program. We are thrilled to offer Momentum’s services and support to further this mission and continue to establish NCCU as a center of digital equity, literacy, and equality in the region. As a Durham based company, we are thrilled to continue our efforts in preparing a robust and accessible tech industry locally.”

The program’s coursework has been meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of top technology companies in the Triangle area. Participants will learn to build code and work with in-demand software and web applications such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Django, and Git, and gain exposure to the industries innovative tools in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Dr. Jon P. Gant, Dean and Professor of the NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences, highlighted the importance of the collaboration: “Momentum is assisting NCCU in providing coding skills for software engineering that will help participants become job-ready to meet critical workforce needs in Durham, as well as our state and region. Students will learn from experienced instructors in a manner that makes coding accessible and enjoyable while fulfilling employers’ requirements.”

Momentum’s full-stack engineering program for NCCU will be offered on a part-time schedule and is scheduled to start on September 18, 2023 and will continue until March 22, 2024. This 24-week, part-time program offers interactive learning with experienced instructors, enabling career changers and beginners to acquire fundamental skills for meaningful careers in technology. Graduates of Momentum’s training have gone on to secure positions with esteemed local companies such as Red Hat, Pendo, insightsoftware, and Spiffy.

In order to qualify for this opportunity, applicants must reside within a 15-mile radius of the NCCU campus. For individuals lacking internet access or a Mac laptop, necessary support will be provided by partners to accepted students on an as-needed basis. The software engineering program spans 24 weeks and accommodates part-time participants, with classes held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in a virtual environment. Transportation support is also available for participants traveling to NCCU’s campus for training.

For eligible candidates, please visit to submit an online application (referral code: NCCU). Applications will open on Wednesday, June 28th, and submissions must be made for consideration by August 4, 2023. Early applications are strongly encouraged.