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Core Strengths Releases Zoom Integration

Core Strengths announced, on March 28, 2023, the release of their Zoom integration, the third in a series of integrations developed to provide personality-based communication tips in the flow of work. Core Strengths for Zoom embeds Relationship Intelligence in daily meetings to foster authentic connections and improve team dynamics.

Even though we have great digital collaboration tools, employees desire more connectedness and team camaraderie in the workplace. This can be attributed to the need for more social capital and trust impacted by fewer face-to-face interactions. And in a world that’s so connected, teams shouldn’t have to struggle with relationship connection.

Introducing Core Strengths RQ app for Zoom. Real-time communication and collaboration tips make building thriving relationships over Zoom easier.

With Core Strengths for Zoom, you can:

  • Speak each other’s language: Each meeting attendee gets a personalized name tag identifying core motives, top strengths, and how they respond to conflict – helping everyone feel seen, heard, and valued.

  • Improve conversations: Access real-time recommendations during live video meetings to help you know what to say to each person (and how to say it)

  • Run productive meetings: When you can visualize what matters most to each person, you can foster team collaboration and strengthen decision-making.

Core Strengths’ Zoom integration will be available in the Zoom Marketplace. Note: To use this app, you must have an account with Core Strengths and be on a user-based plan.