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Crosschq Helps Companies Advance Diversity Hiring Through Enriched Insights

Latest Enhancement to Crosschq’s TalentWall™ Offering Provides Additional Visibility into Candidate Pipeline

Crosschq, the world’s first Hiring Intelligence platform purpose-built to increase Quality of Hire, today announced a new DEI enhancement to its TalentWall™ offering. The introduction of enriched diversity data expands the solution’s ability to visualize the entire active and historical candidate pool, enabling companies to track diversity-focused sourcing and hiring initiatives more accurately.

Jake Paul, President of TalentWall, shared, “When it comes to rendering the full picture of ATS analytics, diversity data plays a major role. Until recently, most companies relied solely on voluntary EEOC forms. This approach produced gaps and impacted the efficacy of DEI programs. With this enriched data from TalentWall, Crosschq customers will be able to prioritize their diversity hiring efforts with a 90 percent confidence rate in the diversity of their candidate pipeline.”

Earlier this year, the latest Crosschq Q Report found that diversity hiring, specifically gender and ethnicity, has slowed significantly, potentially undoing years of purposeful progress. To help prevent further erosion and ensure employers can attain their ESG and DEI goals, Crosschq built this newly enriched diversity data set, leveraging third-party resources and artificial intelligence to break down the gender and ethnic makeup of candidate pipelines. In doing so, Crosschq TalentWall customers gain a better understanding of how their talent acquisition strategies correspond with outcomes, able to see how pipeline diversity trends over time. This allows these teams to measure the impact of certain initiatives and amend diversity hiring efforts to reflect organizational goals.

DEI expert, organizational psychologist and CEO of Ellavate Solutions, Dr. Ella Washington, commented, “There are countless well-documented benefits of having a diverse workforce that truly represents the broader society, including increased innovation. While we have seen some setbacks in DEI hiring recently, now is not the time to lose focus on diversity commitments. It is time to change our approach, and by providing enriched diversity data, Crosschq is helping ensure that these hiring efforts not only continue but also succeed.”