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Decipher Investigative Intelligence Launches ‘Discover’ to Revolutionize Law Firm Recruiting

With record lateral movement and market consolidation, traditional approaches for sustainable growth are no longer effective strategies for law firms. Decipher Investigative Intelligence developed ‘Discover,’ a customized, data-driven talent acquisition solution that provides a more accurate approach for law firms to identify, source and evaluate talent, acquisition targets, and markets for expansion.

“In today’s competitive landscape, law firms need to be innovative and agile to stay ahead of the talent curve,” says Michael Ellenhorn, founder and CEO of Decipher. “‘Off the shelf’ reactive recruitment solutions are rarely accurate, the outcomes are often ineffective, the process is unpredictable, and the result is expensive, usually with a meager ROI. With Discover, you’re in control.  You can take a proactive and strategic approach so that you really know what you’re buying.”

Decipher designed Discover for law firms to gain access to a wider pool of quality candidates that align with their specific needs. The reports are set up to:

  • Allow a firm to make more informed and strategic hiring decisions,
  • Improve the evaluation process and the speed and efficiency of hiring,
  • Reduce overall recruitment costs while maximizing ROI.

“Hiring lateral partners with the right business profile, strategic alignment, and cultural fit is the fastest way to build market share and increase profitability,” says Greg Hamman, Decipher’s Chief Data Officer. “Discover takes the guesswork out of talent acquisition by providing trustworthy and reliable data, intelligence, strategic insight, custom models, and advanced analytics on legal markets, including their trends, opportunities, and challenges.”

Discover can also answer critical, growth-related questions such as:

  • Should we add an office in Texas?
  • Which private equity teams can really port their clients?
  • How can we grow the finance group in California?
  • What litigation teams are open to recruitment?
  • Which boutiques are available for acquisition?
  • Who could replace our rainmaker in IP?
  • How could we bolster diversity in Boston?