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DZConneX Launches New Podcast Series, Talking Talent Solutions, Featuring Strategies, Insights and Resources on Solving Complex Talent Needs

Talking Talent Solutions Features Interviews with Talent Experts on How Organizations Can Streamline and Improve Their Talent Acquisition and Management Processes


DZConneX, a leading global total talent solutions company and part of Day & Zimmermann, is excited to announce the launch of its new podcast series, Talking Talent Solutions, a DZConneX Podcast.

Talking Talent Solutions, a DZConneX Podcast, will explore the latest trends, challenges and strategies in the holistic talent industry. Each episode will feature interviews with DZConneX experts and thought leaders from around the industry. The guests will provide valuable insights and practical advice for HR professionals and C-suite leaders on how to effectively deploy talent strategies, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs, managed services provider (MSP) programs, payroll services, direct sourcing, advisory and consulting services, and more.

“We are thrilled to launch Talking Talent Solutions, a DZConneX Podcast, and provide a new platform for our DZConneX experts, our partners in the media and guests from around the world to share their knowledge and experience,” said Matt Rivera, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Day & Zimmermann. “Coming out of COVID-19 and through what will hopefully be a soft landing, companies will be able to use these valuable insights to help their organizations improve hiring and retention strategies and ultimately drive their business forward toward a single, unified program.”

Each episode of this podcast will highlight how total talent solutions can help organizations across industries solve complex talent needs while helping decrease their costs and improve their business operations. As part of the launch of the podcast, DZConneX has released three episodes:

  • Deploying a First Generation- MSP: Jason Guggisberg, Vice President of Total Talent Sales for DZConneX, explores the deployment of a first-generation (first-gen) managed services provider (MSP) program. This episode highlights the definition and inner workings of an MSP program, its unique elements and services, the benefits and potential drawbacks, different types of MSPs, their impact on compliance, common pitfalls to avoid, and DZConneX’s unique approach to first-gen MSPs.
  • Understanding Second Generation MSPs: Robin Dahn, Vice President of Sales at DZConneX (western region), explores the evolution of second-generation (second-gen) MSPs. As the talent landscape continues to change post-COVID-19, organizations with existing MSPs need to adapt to the new environment. Gen-2 MSP programs build upon the lessons learned from the first generation and offer advanced technology enhancements and cost control measures, making it crucial for businesses to understand and focus on the benefits of these updated programs.
  • The RPO War for Talent: Jason Bouchard, Vice President of Sales East for DZConneX, delves into the highly competitive battle for top talent in today’s market. With the increasing influence of social recruiting and shifting worker-employer dynamics, organizations are seeking effective solutions to optimize their talent acquisition process swiftly and efficiently. The episode focuses on how a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (PRO) program can be the ideal solution for firms looking to gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

Upcoming episodes will touch on the topics of:

  • Direct Sourcing – discussion will include details on how direct sourcing enables companies to build a strong talent pipeline and enhance their employer brand, leading to more successful recruitment outcomes.
  • Independent Contractor Vetting – a conversation on the ins and outs of independent contractor vetting, including strategies for organizations to address worker classification issues, ensure compliance with employment laws, and foster a fair working environment.

“We believe Talking Talent Solutions will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about creating a holistic talent program or finding new ways to enhance their existing programs,” said Rivera. “Whether your organization is considering a first-gen MSP program or is seeking to grow an existing RPO solution, the talent experts on Talking Talent Solutions have years of experience and countless insights to share on how to design the best programs built with today’s evolving workforce in mind.”