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Ellucian Announces Partnership with Out in Tech to Empower LGBTQ+ Tech Talent

Collaboration to strengthen Ellucian’s commitment to DEI and representation of LGBTQ+ individuals in the tech industry

Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced a partnership with Out in Tech, the world’s largest non-profit community of LGBTQ+ tech professionals that seeks greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. The partnership underscores Ellucian’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment as well as recruiting and retaining top LGBTQ+ tech talent across the globe.

Through this partnership, Ellucian will gain access to Out in Tech’s community of over 45,000 LGBTQ+ tech professionals, serving as a source for experienced, executive, and entry-level talent. In addition, Ellucian employees will benefit from networking opportunities with industry leaders, participation in exclusive roundtable discussions, and exposure to best practices within the LGBTQ+ tech community.

“At Ellucian, our culture is one of our superpowers, and we are proud to work with such a well-respected organization that shares our values and commitment to building a more inclusive and diverse workplace,” said Gregory Giangrande, Chief People and Communications Officer, Ellucian. “Our partnership with Out in Tech is a significant step in our ongoing efforts to be more intentional around creating community for LGBTQ+ tech professionals.”

Out in Tech’s mission aligns closely with Ellucian’s values, focusing on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in tech-related fields. The organization hosts various events, programs, and initiatives that foster networking, career development, and community building within the LGBTQ+ tech community, including monthly meetups, speaker series, hackathons, coding events, mentorship programs, and career fairs.

“When it comes to diversity in tech, seventy minds are better than one,” said Andrew Lowenthal, Executive Director, Out in Tech. “By weaving together the collective experiences of our founding members, we will shine a light on what’s working, push the envelope with new ideas, and create more equitable and inclusive workplaces for all underrepresented groups. We’re thrilled to have Ellucian as our newest member.”

As part of the partnership, Ellucian’s Prism Employee Resource Group (ERG) will also have access to the Out in Tech ERG best practices, further enhancing Ellucian’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment for its LGBTQ+ employees and allies.

With more than 45,000 members across 32 cities and five countries, Out in Tech has become a prominent community of LGBTQ+ professionals, allies, and advocates in the tech sector since its founding in 2013. The organization’s diverse membership includes individuals from various job experiences, genders, and racial backgrounds, reflecting the rich diversity of the global tech industry.