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Employee Portals Built with Neptune Software’s No-Code and Low-Code Platform Aligns Workforce, Delivers Cost Savings

Delivering a modern and technology-friendly experience for new hires is critical in today’s competitive market, helping attract and retain talent. However, building a system that provides employees with a single place to go for all information, processes, and self-service applications, and doing so both affordably and efficiently, can be difficult. That’s where Neptune Software‘s no-code/low-code toolsets come in.

“Employee portals are a powerful digital solution that can deliver a modern employee experience and help bring top talent in a tight job market,” said Neptune Software CEO Andreas Sulejewski. “Neptune Software’s no-code/low-code platform, Neptune DXP, allows companies to build sustainable, future-proof, and cost-efficient portals with a multitude of different apps that elevate the employee experience to new heights.”

Portals, a one-stop shop to access a digital work zone, are critical tools that combine diverse information sources, such as HR administration, business workflows, and employee communications, into one place for easy access. Creatively using IT is a crucial way to help manage a large workforce by providing a simple, intuitive way for employees to interact with their company. Plus, portals reduce employees’ number of passwords and user experiences, allowing them to spend more time focusing on creating value for customers.

With pre-existing application building blocks, Neptune’s no-code/low-code approach allows IT departments to create cost-effective, easy-to-develop and maintain, modern-looking, intuitive, and easy-to-use apps for every employee from templates or scratch. These apps can deliver effective digital tools that automate payroll processes and time off requests, align employees with the latest company news, policies, and procedures, and manage complex HR processes and highly sensitive information. 

And companies can easily connect to different backend systems with a single point of entry to access these apps, along with digital workflows and online communications. Portals that host desktop, tablet, and mobile phone applications also bring the added benefit and cost savings of eliminating paper-based and direct mail communications.

With Neptune, companies can take advantage of the perfect combination of fully digitizing the employee experience while quickly achieving a return on investment by allowing IT experts to do the work easier, faster, and with cost certainty.