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Engagedly Launches HR AI Help Desk for HR Policies and Resources Library

With Ask Marissa from Engagedly, the AI powered chatbot delivers a breakthrough for HR Leaders

Engagedly, the pioneering provider of AI-powered cloud-based talent management software for Performance, Learning & Development, and Employee Engagement solutions, is thrilled to introduce an innovative enhancement to its suite: the revolutionary “Ask Marissa” feature, transforming how HR leaders and employees access HR resources using an AI chatbot.

Empowering HR Efficiency

As HR leaders navigate the complex human resources landscape, the burden of responding to routine queries and information requests can be overwhelming. Ask Marissa, and she is here to redefine the game. By creating a dedicated “Resources” library powered by Marissa™ AI, HR leaders can streamline operations and regain valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Create a Knowledge Hub with HR Resources

Ask Marissa unleashes its potential by hosting a comprehensive array of HR resources. These resources encompass compliance documents, policies, and essential learning materials, all accessible at your employees’ fingertips. Whether in the form of documents, PDFs, or website URLs, your HR resources become a centralized knowledge hub powered by Marissa AI and effortlessly navigated by Ask Marissa.

Discover a Wealth of Resources

Employees are empowered to uncover answers to a wide array of questions swiftly. The possibilities are limitless, from practical inquiries on things like their health plan, vacation policies to travel policies as well as their talent management processes. Ask Marissa to deliver accurate and insightful responses. As citations are seamlessly linked to source documents, it adds depth, allowing employees to dive deeper into topics that gives them more information without back and forth with the HR team

Seize the Future of HR

“This is more than innovation; it’s the transformation of organizational potential. By unlocking the power of Marissa AI, HR can focus on strategic activities rather than on tactical day to day answering policy questions,” says Sri Chellappa, CEO/President & Co-founder of Engagedly.

By harnessing the capabilities of Ask Marissa, HR leaders can liberate themselves from the day to day mundane tasks. Elevate your HR operations, empower your employees, and stay ahead of the curve with Ask Marissa.