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Every Job is a People Leader Job

The Miles Group COO Taylor Griffin and Managing Director Samantha Smith speak with former Adobe VP of Global Talent Jeff Vijungco, now Partner at One North Talent, on new C-Suite Intelligence podcast

“It’s a wise leader who understands that once you get into these senior level jobs, every job is a people leader job,” says Taylor Griffin, COO of The Miles Group, on this week’s C-Suite Intelligence podcast.

Griffin and Managing Director Samantha Smith speak with special guest Jeff Vijungco, Partner of One North Talent Group, a referral-only boutique executive search firm focused on people leadership roles for both enterprise and high growth companies.

Changes in the field of talent have been dramatic, says Vijungco. “What’s been front and center for Chief People Officers and CEOs are workplace solutions, diversity, and employee communications.”

Vijungco, the former Chief People Officer at Rubrik and VP of Global Talent at Adobe discusses, among other issues:  

  • What CEOs are looking for in a Chief People Officer;
  • What Chief People Officers are looking for in their next role;
  • Promoting from within vs. hiring externally;
  • The importance of checking references; and
  • Motivational fit.

“You will never get it 100% right,” says Griffin. “People are unpredictable, they will surprise you, they will change, and the circumstances will change.”

“We advise our clients to minimize the variables” for scope risk and scale risk when hiring, says Smith. “You want someone who’s been at a similar stage of a company, hopefully been in a similar industry, and has seen similar growth to the growth that you have on the horizon.”