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Factorial Teams Up with AUXO to Share 4 Key Hiring Strategies for Startups in 2023

Factorial Applicant Tracking System, new technologies will be critical for startups to thrive

Factorial, a leading provider of human resources software solutions, joined forces with AUXO, a recruitment and HR boutique agency focused on high-growth tech startups. Together, the pair hosted a webinar discussing the shift in the recruitment landscape and spotlighting key hiring strategies for startups seeking to thrive after a year of tough hiring conditions. Additionally, Factorial highlighted the role of their Applicant Tracking System in streamlining recruitment efforts.

According to Factorial Co-Founder and CEO Bernat Farrero, “We recognize the current startup landscape is challenging, particularly in the tech sector. Companies are hiring less and there’s more competition, and there’s been a transformative impact of remote work. We feel it’s our job to help startups ensure success when the market rebounds and that means smart, creative recruitment now.”

Factorial and AUXO shared 4 key strategies for 2023 recruitment in its recent webinar:

  1. Navigating New Perspectives in Recruitment: The shift from traditional HR-centered recruitment towards a multidisciplinary approach was central to the webinar’s discourse. Collaborative meetings between product, marketing, and HR teams were highlighted as a channel for sharing insights, candidate pitches, and branding. This ensures a cohesive narrative that resonates with potential candidates, offering them an authentic glimpse into a company’s culture.
  2. Quality Takes Precedence Through Training: They emphasized the significance of quality over quantity when it comes to startup recruitment. By leveraging key performance indicators, startups can evaluate candidates, build persona-focused teams, and make informed hiring decisions that yield long-term gains.
  3. Revolutionizing Recruitment Marketing: The recruitment marketing landscape has evolved by placing an emphasis on company culture. The webinar highlighted the importance of nurturing a culture-centric, transparent approach and aligning company values with candidate priorities.
  4. Gaining an Edge Through Technology: Technological prowess has emerged as a cornerstone of modern recruitment. The webinar emphasized the imperative for tech-savvy recruiters equipped with tools to streamline operations. The application of artificial intelligence has emerged to automate tasks like crafting job descriptions and marketing content.

Factorial’s technology allows startups to operationalize the strategies discussed, facilitating seamless applicant management and talent tracking through their Applicant Tracking System. The tool streamlines the creation of detailed job openings, integrates AI for job description crafting, and promotes postings across a network of 100+ job boards and sites. Additionally, the system manages the candidate pools and includes an evaluation tool that fosters team collaboration, engaging stakeholders from various departments in the recruitment process.

“Factorial’s Applicant Tracking System empowers startups with the tools they need for strategic recruitment,” adds Ferrarro. “By integrating advanced AI and streamlined functionalities, our tool enables companies to evaluate candidates, ensuring a workforce that aligns with the company’s culture and drives growth.”