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HR and AI: Connecting the Dots on International HR Day 2024

HR and AI, a match made in heaven
Are HR and AI a match made in heaven?

International HR Day 2024 marks a significant moment for the HR community worldwide—a day to celebrate achievements, reflect on challenges, and envision the future. This year, a pressing issue has come to the forefront: the striking discrepancy in AI adoption within HR

While a whopping 68% of executives believe the benefits of AI outweigh the risks, only 22% of HR leaders are actively engaged in AI discussions. Consequently, this gap highlights a critical area for growth and leadership in HR. 

The Current Landscape 

Gartner’s 2024 HR Priorities Survey reveals that HR leaders are focused on several key areas: leader and manager development, organizational culture, HR technology, change management, and career management and internal mobility.  

These priorities underscore the multifaceted responsibilities of HR, from driving cultural transformation to enhancing leadership capabilities. However, the adoption of AI—a technology poised to revolutionize these very areas—remains notably sluggish among HR professionals. But why is this the case? 

Understanding the Hesitation 

The reluctance to embrace AI in HR can be attributed to several factors: 

Lack of Awareness and Understanding 

Many HR leaders are not fully aware of how AI can be applied to their specific functions. This gap in knowledge can lead to hesitation in adopting new technologies. 

Fear of the Unknown 

AI, particularly generative AI, is often surrounded by hype and misconceptions. Concerns about job displacement, ethical considerations, and data privacy add to the reluctance. 

Resource Constraints 

Implementing AI solutions requires investment in both technology and training. With many HR departments already stretched thin, finding the resources to explore and adopt AI can be challenging. 

Cultural Resistance 

Organizational culture plays a significant role. If the company culture is resistant to change, integrating AI can seem like an insurmountable task. 

The Benefits of AI in HR Tasks

Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of AI in HR are immense: 

Enhanced Decision Making 

AI can analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, providing insights that inform strategic decisions. 

Improved Efficiency 

Automating routine tasks such as payroll, benefits administration, and recruitment can free up HR professionals to focus on more strategic activities. 

Personalized Employee Experience 

AI can help create more personalized development plans and career paths, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention. 

Predictive Analytics 

AI can predict trends in employee turnover, identify skills gaps, and suggest interventions to improve employee engagement and performance. 

Leading the Change

 To bridge the gap between the perceived benefits of AI and its actual adoption, HR leaders need to take proactive steps:  

Educate and Advocate 

HR leaders must educate themselves and their teams about the capabilities and benefits of AI. Attending workshops, engaging with thought leaders, and participating in AI-related discussions are crucial. 

Start Small 

Specifically, begin with small, manageable AI projects that address specific pain points. This can build confidence and demonstrate tangible benefits. 

Collaborate with IT 

Work closely with IT departments to understand the technical aspects and ensure the right infrastructure is in place for AI adoption. 

Focus on Change Management 

Furthermore, address cultural resistance by promoting a culture of innovation. Highlight the role of AI in supporting, not replacing, HR professionals. 

Invest in Training 

Provide training for HR teams to develop the skills needed to work with AI technologies. This investment will pay off in increased efficiency and effectiveness. 

Ethical Considerations 

Ensure that AI implementation adheres to ethical guidelines, maintaining transparency and fairness in AI-driven decisions. 

How to use AI in HR? 

AI is increasingly being used across various HR functions, as highlighted by Nelson Connects. So, this International HR Day, we’d love to point out some ways in which you can use AI for your HR duties!


AI tools streamline the recruitment process by screening resumes, analyzing candidate responses, and reducing biases to increase diversity. Chatbots handle initial screenings and scheduling, freeing up HR resources for more strategic tasks. 

Employee Engagement and Retention

Furthermore, AI analyzes employee data to identify trends and predict issues. Therefore allowing HR to proactively address retention and personalize engagement programs. Surprisingly, while earlier generative AI solutions have been known to make mistakes, more recent editions have quashed such issues. 

Compliance and Risk Management

AI helps manage compliance by generating predictive analytics, producing compliance reports, and monitoring workforce policies and regulations. 

Onboarding and Offboarding

Furthermore, AI automates administrative tasks, helping new hires integrate smoothly and improving the offboarding experience through structured feedback and knowledge transfer processes. 

While the benefits are clear, the challenges—such as privacy concerns, potential biases, and ethical considerations—must be managed carefully. 

Celebrating HR’s Role on International HR Day 2024

As we celebrate International HR Day 2024, it’s essential to recognize the pivotal role that HR plays in shaping the future of work. By embracing AI, HR leaders can not only enhance their own effectiveness but also contribute to a more dynamic, responsive, and resilient organization. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. 

Therefore, HR professionals, let’s take this opportunity to lead the change, bridge the AI adoption gap, and unlock the full potential of our organizations. Together, we can transform HR from a support function to a strategic powerhouse, driving success in the age of AI. 

Happy International HR Day!