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Powering HR Communications with Vyond Video Creation Suite

Videos, when created with a sense of understanding of what clicks (and, of course, what not) with the audience, have immense communication and action-driving potential. When you throw animation into the mix, the capabilities simply exponentiate.

Videos work pretty much in every workplace scenario, and HR is no exception, either. Modern HR teams grapple with multiple challenges – from hiring and talent management to driving global culture and company values.

Vyond, the AI-powered video creation suite, offers a platform for HR professionals to easily design engaging videos, enabling them to accomplish their goals with ease.

Gary LipkowitzCEOVyond, exchanged dialogue with us in our Tuesdays with Trailblazers podcast, breaking down how videos seal the gaps in HR processes and the ways Vyond plays a defining role in the same.

Video for Recruiting, Culture & Community

With the rampant growth of remote work models, creating a sustainable culture and community among globally distributed teams is becoming increasingly challenging for HR. Gary also comments that the degree of difficulty escalates when you consider the contrasting factors of messaging consistency and localized delivery, language, & people representation. 

The reason, Gary explains, why Vyond is apt to resolve these critical HR problems is the platform’s primary capability to drive speed of engagement. Also, Vyond videos are unique on account of their 2D animation feature, which allows you to keep the audience focused on the core messaging and not get distracted by excessive details.

Recruiting is another major area where Vyond videos play their part by facilitating the production of training videos for upskilling and reskilling. What’s strikingly innovative in Vyond is their templated scenes, which HR can pick & choose to get a head start on video production. Gary explains that templated scenes give you the middle ground where neither you have to start from scratch nor are you restricted to fixed templates that don’t resonate with your content. So, to sum it up, you have flexibility & autonomy with the added layer of guidance and seamlessness.

Vyond Go: Gen AI-powered Advanced Capabilities

Now, with Vyond Go, the more advanced AI-powered platform, the company is enhancing the already incorporated instant relevance potential to new levels.

For example, you’re searching for an office desk to put into your video, so Vyond gives you ten options, but none works for you. So, you click the button again, and you get four more options. You can repeat this process as long as you don’t get exactly what you want.

That’s how Vyond Go ensures you create videos exactly how you envision them in your mind, and you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Vyond: Future & Beyond

Going forward, Vyond will continue to add more use cases to include as many diverse scenarios as possible and ensure they cater to the complex requirements of organizations.