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First Impressions Made 90% Better: Singapore’s First AI-Powered Personality Profiler MindReader Bridges Communication Gaps Between Humans

MindReader is Singapore’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-run psychometric profiling platform that removes human biases and evaluates human profiles with up to 90% accuracy, based on a learned Human Intelligence System

The platform uses text and facial image input to generate valuable insights for client-facing business professionals to bridge gaps in communication, and improve conversion rates in sales-driven roles

Singapore’s first AI-run psychometric profiling platform, MindReader is revolutionising business communication across sales and human resources industries. Adapted from The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the platform uses portrait images and social media texts to analyse individuals and profile them based on a machine-learned Human Intelligence System, with up to 90% accuracy while eliminating human biases.

Incorporating the founder’s years of sales training experience with top insurance companies and banks in Singapore, MindReader aims to equip individuals with people-reading skills in a professional context to help resolve communication barriers and build trust between companies and stakeholders.

As Ethan Lin, Founder of MindReader shares: “Understanding the personality of the person you are interacting with goes beyond just categorising them in a certain personality type. You are making room to empathetically explore the possibilities of their reactions, which is crucial when it comes to client or customer facing roles, where first impressions make a difference.”

Leveraging advanced technologies such as text analysis and facial recognition features, MindReader analyses an individual’s communication style and facial expressions instantaneously. The AI has been trained using over 20,000 text and image data points to qualify different personality types based on David Keirsey’s model of typology that divides personality into four broad categories – the Artisan, the Guardian, the Idealist, and the Rational.

The cutting-edge technology was developed to support individuals in various fields, including sales and hiring. Boasting an impressive 70% accuracy rate in identifying personality types through facial analysis and 90% through texts, MindReader is a valuable resource for professionals seeking insights into the people they interact with.

“Being AI driven, the platform reduces the possibilities of human biases when profiling people. It can be particularly useful for individuals to tailor their communication approaches, in the context of optimising sales tactics or improving the objectiveness of hiring decisions,” adds Ethan, talking about the different ways MindReader can be used.

Beyond sales, MindReader looks to avail its technology across other sectors and disciplines, exploring possible ways to optimise dating application matches, or improving team dynamics in organisations.

To date, MindReader has effectively provided sales training to clients across various sectors, including renowned brands such as AIA, Prudential, Ministry of Manpower, CitiBank, and DBS, amongst others, utilising proven methodologies.