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Firstup Infuses AI into Intelligent Communication Platform

CommunicationAI combines GenAI with employee engagement data to provide a contextualized view of each employee, enabling communicators to create hyper-personalized employee journeys

Firstup, pioneer of the intelligent communication platform for the workforce, today announced the introduction of GenAI into the Firstup platform. CommunicationAI harnesses the power of GenAI to offer communicators and employees new productivity enhancements specifically designed to elevate the employee experience through content creation efficiency and the delivery of hyper-personalized employee communications aligned in topic and tone to an employee’s needs. 

CommunicationAI couples the power of large language models (LLMs) with employee engagement data that flows through Firstup’s intelligent communication platform to help companies unlock the potential of their employees. In the past, HR and communication leaders have faced challenges with fragmented and incomplete data from HRIS systems or other tools, hindering their ability to communicate effectively with employees. CommunicationAI can enhance HRIS and people analytics data with real-time content engagement data, offering a more comprehensive and contextualized view of each employee. 

With powerful capabilities like generative content, predictions, and automation, CommunicationAI makes AI a must-have tool for communicators, HR leaders, and people managers, including employees who now have an AI-enabled interface to request and access information. CommunicationAI technology will be showcased at the Firstup annual employee experience event, AttuneSeptember 26 & 27.

CommunicationAI empowers communicators to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across every employee moment with generative AI and trusted employee data with the ability to:

  • Improve content quality and relevance with ContentAI, which generates high-quality text, subject lines, visuals, summaries, and customizable templates, and recommends the best tone and style based on employee attributes.
  • Deliver hyper-personalized employee experiences with EngageAI, which automatically creates employee audience segments using simple natural language prompts rather than complex queries to boost engagement outcomes. Analyzes employee behavior data and predicts the best message or journey along with format, channel, time, and tone for the highest level of engagement. 
  • Gain insights faster and easier with Workforce Intelligence by using natural language prompts; you can now know exactly how your campaigns are doing in relation to your employee segments and ask for trends and predictors without digging for the data.
  • Quickly provide employees answers with a Digital Assistant by using natural language prompts; employees can now get real-time answers across multiple systems, including information from procedures and policies to company news and resources to pay and PTO balances. Digital Assistant goes beyond traditional keyword matching, diving deep into the meaning and context of each query to deliver personalized access to what employees need when they need it.

“The Firstup platform provides rich data from HR and internal communication campaigns, offering insights into workforce engagement. By pairing GenAI with holistic employee engagement data, our platform proactively and automatically addresses workforce issues and opportunities,” said Cheryl Chavez, Chief Product Officer of Firstup. “HR and communication leaders now have all the tools to deliver on company objectives and provide employees with a hyper-personalized experience.”