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Gallagher Announces Acquisition of Proctor Gallagher Institute And Name Change To Proctor Gallagher

PGI co-founder Sandy Gallagher announced she has acquired the remaining interest in Proctor Gallagher Institute and will be renaming the company to Proctor Gallagher. The aim of this acquisition is to secure the company’s future as a world leader in personal growth, corporate development and elite performance.

The acquisition takes place after the passing of Bob Proctor, Gallagher’s partner for sixteen years, giving Gallagher complete control over the company’s future direction and ensuring Proctor Gallagher continues to thrive as an organization recognized globally for its coaching services.

Gallagher acknowledges the significant evolution of the organization since its establishment in 2014. As part of their growth strategy, they have decided to adopt a new name to enhance the brand identity and relevance in today’s marketplace. This change reflects their dedication to continuously improving and adapting their resources to align with the changing world of the 21st century.

With the acquisition, Proctor Gallagher now owns and controls the entire library of highly regarded Proctor Gallagher Institute content. Their aim is to surpass traditional consulting by utilizing imagination and innovation to enhance global functioning and individual lives. The Proctor Gallagher Global Solutions division will continue to deliver leading-edge resources and training for the corporate community.

Proctor Gallagher boasts a significant following of over 3 million individuals and has produced more books and resources on personal development than any other coaching organization worldwide. They are the top choice for individuals and companies seeking to unlock the hidden potential within every human being.

Sandy Gallagher expresses gratitude to the numerous clients who have found value in Proctor Gallagher’s coaching and resources. As Proctor Gallagher expands its leadership, the global community will continue to rely on them for cutting-edge personal development training, corporate development, and elite performance training.