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General Assembly Launches Modern Engineering Solution, A New B2B Solution Designed to Help Businesses Build Next-Gen Talent

The instructor-led, live and online program will help organizations accelerate their digital transformation agendas while building T-shaped engineering capabilities

General Assembly (GA) today announced its Modern Engineering program, a new enterprise solution designed to build more flexible engineers with both breadth and depth of skills. Designed for mid-level to experienced developers, the instructor-led, live and online program builds on existing coding knowledge to equip participants with experience in next-generation tools and concepts, while helping organizations accelerate their digital transformations.

With a focus on legacy engineers in need of boosting their skills, GA’s Modern Engineering program will help businesses stay at the forefront of innovation by strengthening engineering capacity internally, upskilling development talent through hands-on learning and real-world projects.

“As tech stacks rapidly evolve and business demands continue to grow, engineering talent is increasingly getting left behind, which is impeding digital transformation,” said Robert Jones, VP, Product Strategy at General Assembly. “With a growing population of software engineers who were trained in their profession decades ago, we see a massive upskilling need across the modern engineering spectrum which is exactly what our new Modern Engineering program is set up to do.”

Built and delivered by practitioners with deep knowledge across the modern engineering space, GA’s newest enterprise solution focuses on not only training workers in core skills such as programming, debugging, and testing, but also on emerging skills such as cloud infrastructure, containerization, microservices architecture, and continuous integration. By focusing on both breadth and depth of skills, GA will help build T-shaped employees that can serve as versatile contributors, making connections across different disciplines and optimizing overall effectiveness.

“T-shaped engineers offer a host of benefits that can help companies meet their digital transformation goals, but the reality is that specialized legacy programs and traditional higher education pathways are not producing the broad skill sets that organizations need,” said Ciaran Moloney, VP, Solutions at General Assembly. “Our Modern Engineering solution is uniquely capable of addressing today’s biggest pain points with engineering talent–from lack of alignment with tools to outdated skill sets while also applying knowledge to distinct business problems.”