Contact Us Joins Hands with to Take Global Employee Appreciation to New... Joins Hands with to Take Global Employee Appreciation to New Heights

In a move set to transform the way companies appreciate their employees globally, Gifted, a trailblazer in employee appreciation and recognition, announces a strategic partnership with Deel, an industry leader in global payroll and compliance.

Following Gifted’s Biggest Catalog Expansion Yet
At the heart of this partnership is a shared goal: to simplify and elevate the experience of recognizing employees across international borders. Gifted’s platform, known for its expansive and diverse catalog of over 3,500 gift cards available in more than 200 countries, complements Deel’s robust suite of global payroll and compliance solutions.

“We are excited about the synergy this partnership brings. It provides companies with integrated, easy-to-use tools to effectively and simply appreciate their global teams.” – Micha Berkuz, CEO, Gifted.

The integration unlocks several key features

  • Automated Gifting: Companies can set up automated sequences for gifting during employee onboarding, work anniversaries, and birthdays, with real-time Deel data
  • Insightful Reporting: Managers gain the ability to track, view, and export detailed reports based on Deel’s employee data, streamlining decision-making and ensuring compliance
  • Accounting and Compliance: The new feature set includes customizable parameters for all gift and budget reports, ensuring that payroll and accounting compliance are up to date

The Added Value

  • Zero Cost, Unlimited Access: Free and unrestricted use of Gifted’s platform, from planning multi-year campaigns to adding an unlimited number of users and recipients.
  • Automated Analytics: Comprehensive reports and real-time insights across all accounts, for free.
  • Custom Swagshop: Companies can set up their own branded merchandise collection effortlessly, with free delivery in the U.S. and no minimum order requirements.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Gifted, addressing the complexities of global gifting which is important in nurturing company culture. With this integration, we’re excited to offer our clients a seamless experience.” – Thomas Dale, Director of Product Partnerships, Deel.