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GoCo Enhances All-in-One HR with Features that improve Efficiency and Employee Experience

GoCo continues to enhance its all-in-one experience with new features like scheduling, eNPS, announcements, and more in their Summer release., the leading provider of flexible software solutions for HR, benefits, and payroll, announced its summer product release today, introducing a range of powerful features designed to enhance operational efficiency and improve the overall HR management experience. By combining a comprehensive suite of features into one cohesive platform, GoCo empowers businesses to streamline their HR operations, boost productivity, and elevate the employee experience.

GoCo co-founder and Chief Product Officer Michael Gugel expressed his enthusiasm about the summer product launch, stating, “At GoCo, we’re constantly striving to deliver the most modern and easy-to-use HR platform. Our latest product release embodies our commitment to efficiency and employee experience. We believe these new features will modernize the way organizations manage their HR processes, empowering businesses to focus on what truly matters their people.”

With this latest product launch, GoCo continues to solidify its position as an industry leader in HR technology, with features including:

  • Scheduling – Streamline shift management and save time with scheduling, time tracking, and HR all in one place.
  • Time Off Enhancements – Empower your team with custom time off policies that reflect your organization’s culture and values.
  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) – GoCo makes it easier than ever to uncover employee sentiment and take your employee engagement strategy to the next level.
  • Announcements – Keep your workforce engaged and informed by posting announcements in GoCo.
  • AI Knowledge Base – Like Chatgpt for your HR policies! Let AI handle your team’s most frequently asked questions.
  • And, even more new enhancements that streamline HR processes and modernize GoCo’s platform.