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Greenhouse announces new spring product releases to increase accountability and drive measurable results

Enhanced suite of features helps recruiting teams engage and align hiring goals


Greenhouse, the hiring operating system for people-first companies, today announced a package of three new product features to help organizations strengthen their hiring processes and drive measurable results with functionality that elevates accountability.

New features available to Greenhouse customers:

Greenhouse Goals enables TA teams to set goals at an individual or company-wide level, offering greater transparency into their performance and visibility into areas of improvement. This structured approach promotes accountability by creating a central location to set, track and measure accountability and performance against established hiring goals.

Greenhouse Onboarding new hire goals allows TA teams to create growth-related goals for new hires and easily track progress against those goals, all within Greenhouse Onboarding. New hires will be provided with the structure and assurance they need to become productive, confident teammates more quickly.

Pay transparency empowers organizations to attract more candidates by providing a standardized method to easily display salary ranges on jobs. The Greenhouse pay transparency feature reduces manual work and errors to ensure your company stays compliant.

These features join a robust set of existing tools to help increase company-wide accountability and efficiency in hiring. By implementing these new features talent acquisition (TA) teams can provide more transparency across the organization and set clearer hiring expectations.

“Our TA team is high-paced, so being able to see real-time metrics on the Greenhouse dashboard as soon as they login means that we can immediately measure the success of our actions, like time to submit scorecards,” said Tracy Mills, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at J.D. Power. “Greenhouse Goals has helped our team become more efficient when working with a high caliber of candidates and reduced the time it takes to fill requisitions.”

“Greenhouse has always focused on helping our customers use data to better understand their performance. This year, we’re excited to add new features and enhancements around goal setting, tracking and reporting on goal alignment,” shared Henry Tsai, VP of Product and Design at Greenhouse. “Greenhouse Goals helps TA teams improve the hiring process and add value across the organization – from administrators and new hires, but also hiring managers and business leaders. With more insight and data, TA teams will be able to create more impactful strategic hiring plans and become measurably better at hiring.”