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Greenshades Software Enhances Employee Onboarding Module for a Better New Hire Experience

Greenshades Software announced today the release of an enhanced employee onboarding module, designed to provide a better experience for new hires. The module, which is now available for all clients, features a completely responsive design and a range of new features to help employees get started quickly and easily.

According to Glassdoor, organizations with a strong onboarding process can increase new hire retention by 82% and improve productivity by 70%. The updated Greenshades onboarding module is designed to help clients achieve these goals by providing a welcoming experience for new employees.

“A company’s onboarding process is one of the initial things a new hire interacts with on their first day of work. At Greenshades, we know how important this first impression is to our clients,” said Katie McGinnis, Product Manager at Greenshades. “Our new and improved onboarding module makes it so employees can spend less time on the HR details and more time learning their new role.”

Key features of the updated onboarding module include:

  • Easy setup: Employees can get started without needing to create an account.
  • Modernized login experience: The onboarding module verifies employee identities through text, call or email.
  • Progress tracking: The system keeps track of all progress, so employees can leave and pick up where they left off.
  • Custom workflows: Administrators can easily customize workflows based on positions and specify exactly what documentation is needed from each employee.
  • Responsive design: New hires can conveniently complete the process from any device, including filling out important documentation.

“At Greenshades, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive payroll and HR platform that supports businesses throughout the employee lifecycle. Our updated onboarding module is the newest, fully upgraded component of our platform, and ensures new hires have a superb day one experience. Onboarding is just the most recent important component to be modernized, and we can’t wait to show our clients what is coming next.” – Matt Kane Co-founder, Chief Product Officer.  

The enhanced onboarding module is now available to all Greenshades clients. See for yourself how it can improve your onboarding process by scheduling a demo today.

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