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Grokker Launches Guides, a New Employee Benefit Solution With a Preventative Approach to Mental Health Care

With 83% of Employees Experiencing Work-Related Stress, Guides Combines Live Expert Guidance, Power of Video and Community to Provide Relief at Scale

Corporate wellbeing provider Grokker today announced the launch of Grokker Guides ­­­an evidence-based, approachable digital mental health solution for the workplace.

Grokker Guides are 30-day cohorts run by licensed clinical psychologists where the expert helps members evaluate and tackle specific mental health issues in a fully-guided experience. Grokker Guides combine live sessions with a proprietary “three-steps a day” program and the power of community to give every participant measurable relief.

Designed to engage and empower employees, this new product addresses a range of mental health problems, from anxiety, trauma, and workplace stress to relationship issues, parenting, gender identity, child loss, dealing with chronic illnesses and more.

“It’s a whole new way of thinking about mental health care and prevention,” explains Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Grokker. “Until now, there’s been nothing foundational in this realm to support employees. Most people who need help don’t get it. Much of what’s currently available is expensive, clinical, confusing, and lacks accessibility. Grokker Guides helps employees acquire lifelong tools to increase resilience and provides an accessible entry point that makes it easier to take that often scary first step toward addressing mental health care before it becomes a deep clinical crisis.”

With Guides, employees have access to:

  • Evidence-based assessments and proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Live video-based access to licensed psychologists and mental health experts
  • 30-day guided relief plan
  • The support of a cohort facing similar challenges

“Every Grokker Guide is developed in collaboration with the expert leading it. It is not cookie-cutter, one size fits all. We are combining the expertise of mental health professionals, and evidence-based techniques with the sheer scale, and engagement power of video and community to drive engagement,” says Bornstein.

This new offering follows the success of Grokker’s total wellbeing suite accessible to more than 6 million members in 135+ countries. As companies’ weather economic headwinds while struggling to engage and retain employees, Grokker’s wellbeing suite helps companies foster a genuine culture of caring, which in turn, nurtures engagement. According to a study by Santa Barbara Actuaries, employees who use Grokker are 32% to 68% less likely to leave their employer. With employee replacement costs sky-high across industries, that level of employee retention is a critical ROI for Grokker clients.