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Guardian Alliance Technologies and All-Star Talent Forge Groundbreaking Partnership

Guardian Alliance Technologies announced today a strategic alliance with All-Star Talent, a prominent company specializing in personnel recruitment and retention for law enforcement agencies. The partnership focuses on deploying an integrated technology and services package for law enforcement recruiting, vetting, and hiring which has proven to attract and hold a larger number of highly qualified candidates who are seeking technologically evolved employers. 

By adopting the integrated All-Star/Guardian solution, law enforcement agencies can increase their candidate pool, shorten their hiring time, and lower their cost per hire.  These tools go beyond traditional approaches and effectively leverage AI, machine learning, automation, and digital communication methods to find and engage with today’s young and talented individuals. 

Ryan Layne, CEO of Guardian Alliance Technologies, highlights the need for transformation in law enforcement recruitment. “Many applicants today grew up with digital devices, yet they are often required to fill out outdated hardcopy paperwork, creating a negative impression.  Collaborating with All-Star enables us to offer an end-to-end digital solution that modernizes recruiting, vetting, and hiring practices.  We meet the expectations of the current generation by providing efficient, digital communication channels, and a streamlined screening and vetting process, ensuring a positive experience for qualified candidates and fostering a deeper interest in working for the agency engaging them.”

Jason Litchney, Co-Founder of All-Star Talent, echoed Ryan Layne’s sentiments and emphasized the importance of embracing efficiency and digital communication in law enforcement agencies. “We specialize in law enforcement recruiting and have developed proven strategies that have successfully worked in 17 states to find robust qualified applicant pools in a marketplace that many believe is devoid of them,” he said.  “The partnership with Guardian ensures that agencies are able to find, engage, vet, and hire qualified applicants in record time, and at a lesser cost per hire than can be realized through traditional strategies.”