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Hackajob Launches AI Features to Enhance Representation and Inclusivity in Tech Teams

The full-stack technical hiring platform, hackajob, launches three powerful features to increase diversity, equity, and inclusivity in technology teams

hackajob, the full-stack technical hiring solution, today announced the launch of two innovative features designed to increase diversity and representation in technology teams. In its unwavering commitment to inclusivity, hackajob is leading the way in the transformation of tech recruitment.

The first of these new features uses generative AI to remove bias from job descriptions. Employers can upload their job descriptions to the hackajob platform, where AI technology scans and assesses the content, creating suggestions for more inclusive language. Employers can effortlessly implement suggested changes, ensuring that their recruitment materials are free from bias and appeal to a broad spectrum of potential candidates.

Moreover, hackajob is harnessing the power of diversity data to help employers fulfill their Diversity and Inclusion (DE&I) objectives. Upon joining the platform, tech talent is given the option to disclose diversity information, with around 80% choosing to do so. Importantly, candidates’ DE&I data is kept confidential and is never disclosed to employers. When creating a job post, employers can select their DE&I objectives, and hackajob prioritizes matching candidates with these characteristics along with skills and other essential criteria.

Through hackajob’s third feature, a powerful insights platform that provides DE&I performance data at every stage of the hiring process, employers can then measure the impact of their new job descriptions, brand presence, and sourcing objectives on every stage of their hiring funnel. You can only improve what you can measure and hackajob is providing insight into what has historically been a black box process, with very few companies able to get statistically significant, opt-in DE&I data through their hiring process.

The latest additions to the hackajob platform represent a significant step forward in its mission to drive systemic change in the representation of technology teams. By investing in future talent and providing practical tools for employers to improve their recruitment practices, hackajob is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the tech sector.

Mark Chaffey, Co-Founder & CEO at hackajob, said, “These exciting new features exemplify hackajob’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. By utilizing the power of AI, we’re helping our clients build better teams, and ultimately, a better future.”

  • The AI-driven platform helps remove bias from job descriptions, facilitating equality in the recruitment process.
  • A new feature prioritizes candidates based on diversity and inclusion objectives, while still ensuring the protection of candidates’ confidentiality.
  • A powerful insights platform enables companies to measure the impact on their DE&I objectives through every stage of their hiring funnel.
  • The platform collects optional diversity data from around 80% of tech talent joining the platform, empowering businesses to meet their diversity and inclusion objectives.
  • These revolutionary features form part of hackajob’s broader strategy to promote systemic change in representation within the tech industry.