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Harver Launches AI-powered Harver CHAT™ Solution to Optimize Candidate Engagement in Hiring

Conversational Hiring AI Tool helps hire right-fit candidates quickly and easily, delivering a smooth and seamless candidate experience that matches company brand

Harver, the industry-leading hiring solution helping organizations optimize their talent decisions, today announced the launch of its new Conversational Hiring AI Tool, Harver CHAT™, designed to automate and streamline the application experience for candidates while boosting employer brand.

Amid a generational workforce shortage, economic uncertainty, and tightened HR budgets, competition for best-fit candidates in the job market is as contentious as ever. Paired with increasing candidate expectations within the recruitment process, the need for employers to deliver a streamlined and engaging hiring experience has never been greater.

When faced with hiring people quickly or finding the right candidate fit, Harver allows you to have both, making the application process easy and delightful. Built on the latest innovations in conversational AI and natural language processing, CHAT™ automates the application process for employers, appearing as an embedded widget or standalone experience complete with employer branding. Engage candidates with a conversational kick-off to the application process, while allowing candidates to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the job at hand.

CHAT™ replaces the need for application forms by engaging candidates with always-on messaging, dynamically collecting required candidate details before logging them within the appropriate applicant tracking software and routing the candidate to the next step in the process, whether that be an assessment or interview.

“Today’s workforce challenges require employers to be efficient and engaging at all touchpoints along the hiring process,” said Harver CEO, Scott Landers. “Harver CHAT™ provides talent acquisition teams with the best of both worlds, with automation to speed up the process and conversational natural language processing to make it fun. The user experience allows employers to connect with candidates earlier and more effectively.”

Harver CHAT™ is capable of responding to questions the candidates pose in real time; its conversational knowledge is fully configurable, allowing employers to train the solution to not discuss sensitive or unrelated topics. Whether candidate questions pertain to the company culture, benefits, pay, hours, or anything employer-related, CHAT™ has the answer, leading to a satisfying candidate application experience that can be embedded directly into hiring flows alongside other Harver solutions.

By leveraging Harver CHAT™, employers can benefit from faster time-to-hire rates, with application screenings completed in just minutes. One user reported a reduction in application time from 30 to 3 minutes, while another reported upwards of 60 hours of saved recruiting time per open position.  Further, the friendly conversational nature of CHAT™, and its ability to respond to live candidate questions, provides holistic engagement; the conversational platform technology itself boasts a 4.7 candidate satisfaction score. Engagement capabilities from CHAT™ also free up valuable recruiter time for tasks that demand human decision-making, allowing for significant cost-savings and greater recruiter focus on higher leverage activities.

“CHAT™ further solidifies Harver’s status as a holistic employer partner, providing all solutions needed to support talent decision-making from acquisition to development and mobility,” said Landers. “Our unique ability to deliver tools to support each step of the talent lifecycle is only furthered by the introduction of Harver CHAT™, designed to slot into the hiring tech stack and enhance the brand experience for employers and candidates alike.