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Hireology Announces New AI Assistant, Becoming the First ATS to Harness the Power of ChatGPT

Hireology, the leading provider of all-in-one hiring and HR software, today announces Beaker, its AI-powered recruiting assistant. The tool can generate high-quality job descriptions in a matter of seconds, empowering employers to attract the right candidates for their open positions faster. With today’s announcement, Hireology becomes the first applicant tracking system to integrate ChatGPT into its platform.

Beaker is powered by ChatGPT, an advanced language processing model developed by OpenAI. Users simply input details like a job title and location and Beaker instantly generates a clear and concise job description that is optimized for search. The goal of Beaker is not to completely remove humans from the job creation process, but rather automate cumbersome steps to get new jobs on the market faster and free up time for recruiters and managers to spend on more important tasks.

“At Hireology, we know that AI is the future of recruiting technology. But at the same time, we also understand that great recruiting and hiring will always require a human touch,” said Adam Robinson, CEO and Co-founder of Hiroelogy. “That’s why we’re prioritizing automation for tedious steps that typically drag out the process — allowing your team to focus on providing a more engaging candidate experience.”

This announcement comes at a time when hiring remains more difficult than ever — especially for employers in industries hit hardest by the pandemic like hospitality, healthcare, and retail. Hireology has always been built to help employers navigate tough job markets, and Beaker is just one of many cutting-edge recruiting solutions the platform offers, including:

  • Direct integrations with leading job boards
  • Intuitive applicant tracking system
  • Employee referral program management
  • In-app candidate communication
  • Built-in background checks

“Today’s job seekers are applying to an average of 16 jobs in their search, which means employers are in a race to beat the clock,” said Robinson. “Hireology is committed to leveraging the power of advanced technologies to reduce time spent on administrative tasks without sacrificing quality of execution and human interaction.”