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HiringSolved Launches Candidate-to-Job Matching to Enhance Hiring Outcomes

New Feature Pairs Qualified Candidates with Qualified Roles to Expedite the Recruiting Process

With nearly 11 million job openings in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent JOLTS report, recruiting and hiring remains a challenge. Recognizing this, HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered recruiting and talent acquisition solutions, today announced the availability of its latest feature, Candidate-to-Job Matching.

Designed to make sourcing easier than ever before, Candidate-to-Job Matching uses natural language processing to scour a candidate’s experience, resume, notes, tear sheets and more to highlight the best roles for them directly on their HiringSolved profile. With a 5-star rating system built-in, HiringSolved helps recruiters understand how candidates rank for roles and why. This gives recruiters a clear picture of each candidate quickly.

Dave Barthel, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, for HiringSolved, shared, “Candidate-to-Job Matching removes institutional knowledge and experience roadblocks, enabling recruiters to feel confident in knowing how a candidate ranks for a role and why. In turn, recruiting teams are able to maximize earned data, make the candidate experience more of a priority and speed up placements.”

By automating the connection between candidate and role, Candidate-to-Job Matching reduces the time spent sourcing from the ATS or CRM and allows recruiters to build a shortlist in seconds. In turn, recruiters can concentrate on connecting with candidates and providing a top-notch experience.

Barthel concluded, “Recruiting and staffing are people-driven businesses, but historically, the process has started with the job and worked to find candidates. With Candidate-to-Job Matching, HiringSolved flipped that thinking to start with the candidate. This ensures the focus stays where it belongs: on the people.”