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HR Tech Attendees to Get Customized Skills Ontology Action Plans and Skills Datasets from Phenom

On-site Assessments will Empower Talent Management Teams with Customized Plans to Quickly Adopt AI-Powered Skills Ontologies, Outpace Competitors Amidst Ongoing Labor Shortage

Phenom is offering complimentary Skills Ontology Assessments and Action Plans on-site at the HR Technology Conference — enabling talent management teams to rapidly deploy and adopt workforce intelligence technology that immediately improves organizational skills visibility, career development and employee retention.

Attendees can stop by the Phenom booth (no appointment necessary) for a strategic conversation with talent management experts to assess the maturity of their organization’s skills and talent management strategy. Participants will receive a customized action plan and preliminary skills dataset.

Workforce planning and skills are a top priority for all HR leaders, resulting from evolving technologies, fierce economic environments and baby boomers retiring. Moving to a skills-forward talent management strategy increases agility and retention, and drives down the cost of vacancy. But identifying skills and executing workforce planning is overwhelming — and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting started. Workforce intelligence introduces the right processes, data, and technology that make it possible to better understand their skills, and move forward fast.

Rapidly Deploy a Robust Skills Ontology

To simplify the process of building a skills architecture, Phenom developed the Workforce Intelligence Maturity Assessment to help organizations implement the appropriate technology that drives growth and retention. Phenom experts have been using this assessment with enterprises in various industries — health care, life sciences, pharmaceutical, financial services, technology, defense and government — to build action plans customized for the specific enterprise that details:

  • Where their organization falls on the talent management technology curve from a maturity perspective
  • Specific steps to effectively implement and deploy the necessary workforce intelligence solutions with an associated change management plan
  • How to justify budget and receive executive buy-in for new technology

“Building a skills ontology would previously take companies years to complete. Now HR Tech attendees have an incredible opportunity to do it in days,” said Kumar Ananthanarayana, Executive Director, Product Management at Phenom. “All of this is possible based on the work we’ve been able to do with enterprises to transform their workforce, as well as refining our AI-powered ontologies technology over the last 15 years.”

See Proven AI and Automation in Action at HR Tech

HR Tech attendees can visit Phenom’s booth to see the Intelligent Talent Experience platform, including Workforce Intelligence, AI and automation innovations in action. Phenom experts and customers will also be presenting throughout the conference about how the world’s biggest brands are leveraging AI, automation, and experience to hire faster, develop better and retain longer. Sessions include:

  • Workforce Intelligence and Skills Ontologies, Explained: Organizations are anxious to begin taking a skills-based approach for talent attraction, growth and retention — but it’s often difficult to know where to start. See how real-world companies are succeeding, and get a framework that can be applied at any organization.
  • How a Major Financial Institution is Dominating with Skills Intelligence and Automation: In this case study session, a Fortune 500 organization discusses how it is leveraging a single AI-powered platform to hire 20% faster, automate time-consuming recruiter tasks, give employees more actionable visibility into relevant internal roles and growth opportunities, and equip TA and TM teams with unified tools to source internally, fill skill gaps, chart career paths, and more.
  • A Global Tech Enterprise’s Edge on Transforming Hiring and Workforce Intelligence: VPs of TA and HR Systems explore key use cases for work-altering technology — including generative AI and workforce intelligence — that improve efficiencies for talent acquisition and talent management.
  • Experience HR’s First Automation Engine: Change the Way You Hire: Experts provide insights into the world’s first automation engine powering phenomenal hiring experiences at scale. With Phenom Automation Engine, HR can identify, build, implement, and monitor automation workflows in talent lifecycle processes – achieving constant monitoring and qualitative analysis of performance.

With Phenom, candidates find and choose the right job faster, employees develop their skills and evolve, recruiters become wildly productive, managers build stronger-performing teams, HR aligns employee development with company goals, and HRIS easily integrates existing HR tech to create a holistic infrastructure.