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InCheck and The Way Out Join Forces to Help Justice Involved Individuals Find Jobs

InCheck will offer pre-employment background checks and educational content for employers and candidates as a component of The Way Out’s Newly Launched Fair Chance Employment Platform

InCheck, a leading national provider of background screening and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Way Out, a second chance employment platform provider. This collaboration aims to offer employers and candidates a seamless experience in conducting background checks while providing valuable educational resources to promote Fair Chance Hiring.

Fair Chance Hiring has emerged as a critical issue in today’s job market, as employers increasingly recognize the importance of considering the hire of individuals with criminal records. This partnership between InCheck and The Way Out will address potential challenges by offering innovative solutions that empower employers to make fair and informed hiring decisions, and help candidates understand how screening and monitoring programs work.

InCheck is known for their comprehensive and accurate background screening services, customized programs, and friendly, helpful customer service. With access to a vast network of data and reporting capabilities, InCheck enables employers to obtain thorough candidate reports efficiently and effectively. By partnering with The Way Out, they will now be able to provide employers with educational content that sheds light on the benefits of Fair Chance Hiring and the best practices to implement it.

Rachel Morafcik, CEO of InCheck, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Way Out in our endeavor to make background checks informative, inclusive, and equitable. By combining our expertise in background screening with The Way Out’s connections and platform, we aim to empower employers to adopt Fair Chance Hiring practices and provide job opportunities for deserving candidates.”

Eli Rivera, CEO of The Way Out, emphasized the importance of education in Fair Chance Hiring, stating, “We are excited to partner with InCheck to bring meaningful educational content to employers. By educating employers about the benefits of Fair Chance Hiring and equipping them with the necessary resources, we believe that we can create positive change and opportunities for individuals who deserve a second chance. The Way Out is committed to navigating the complexities of hiring individuals with criminal records to create a more inclusive workforce.”