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Introducing CareerBuilder’s Pay For Performance: The Most Flexible Way to Advertise Jobs

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human resources solutions, is proud to unveil its second new offering to provide even more hiring flexibility, Pay For Performance. Following the announcement of Pay Per Resume in August, Pay For Performance is an exciting approach to job advertising that redefines how companies budget and pay for recruitment services.

Focusing on job advertising and job applications, CareerBuilder’s Pay For Performance is helping to shift the traditional recruitment landscape by aligning costs with outcomes, allowing businesses to optimize their hiring strategies like never before.

In today’s competitive job market, where outcomes matter more than ever, CareerBuilder’s Pay For Performance model is an exciting innovation that ensures organizations pay only when real, measurable results are achieved. Whether it’s a started application or a completed application, CareerBuilder’s dedicated team is committed to driving outcomes that directly impact a business’s success.

Pay For Performance stands out with three key benefits that resonate with businesses looking to maximize their recruitment investments:

  • Pay for Results: Say farewell to fixed fees! With Pay For Performance, companies pay only for the outcomes delivered, ensuring that their investment translates directly into tangible results.
  • Greater Flexibility: Adaptability is at the heart of this model. Companies can tailor their strategies to align with their evolving business objectives, while making adjustments to maximize efficiency.
  • Lower Costs: By tying costs to results and reducing upfront costs, businesses are empowered to achieve their hiring goals more cost-effectively, utilizing their budget to drive outcomes that matter most.

“We understand the evolving needs of modern businesses in a dynamic recruitment landscape,” said Jeff Furman, Chief Executive Officer at CareerBuilder. “Our new performance-based solutions represent a paradigm shift in how we partner with businesses, aligning our success with theirs. It’s a powerful model that underscores our commitment to innovation and tangible outcomes.”

Following the release of CareerBuilder’s Pay Per Resume, CareerBuilder continues to modernize the recruitment landscape by offering flexible, cost-effective, and results-oriented solutions. These strategic new solutions enable dynamic partnerships between clients and the CareerBuilder team that focus on a shared commitment to excellence while addressing the needs for lower costs, greater efficiency, and budget predictability.

CareerBuilder’s performance-based models reinforce its commitment to delivering outcomes that businesses can count on. By combining innovation, transparency, and value, CareerBuilder is poised to transform the recruitment landscape and empower businesses to thrive.