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Introducing I-9 Assist: OnBlick’s Comprehensive Solution for Effortless Form I-9 Compliance

OnBlick, a leading provider of innovative HR and Immigration Compliance solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, ‘I-9 Assist’. This meticulously designed tool aligns with the most recent updates from DHS and adapts to Form I-9 flexibilities.

About I-9 Assist

  • I-9 Assist serves as an expert compliance guide for employers and HR professionals. It enables users to fill out their Form I-9s with precision and ease, significantly reducing the chances of error.
  • Following the DHS Electronic Form I-9 guidelines, I-9 Assist introduces a secure and efficient video verification system, confirming identities and work authorizations through live video sessions. This cutting-edge feature is now available on our extensive base of over 600 existing clients, ensuring a smooth and secure compliance experience.

“Mastering Form I-9 compliance is vital for effective onboarding. Yet, navigating its complexities without adequate knowledge can result in unforeseen penalties and legal complications. This is where I-9 Assist comes to the forefront, streamlining the process to enable absolute compliance,” states¬†Krishna Garimella, CEO of OnBlick. He further comments, “At OnBlick, our primary goal is to make compliance effortless for our valued clientele. I-9 Assist exemplifies this mission. It offers an intelligent approach to Form I-9 regulations, empowering businesses to tackle the intricate procedure with confidence.”