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IT MSP Integris Appoints Chief People Officer

This week, IT Managed Service Provider, Integris, announced the appointment of new Chief People Officer (CPO), Debbie Lawrence. The position serves as the leader of the Human Resources department and helps promote and maintain a people-first company culture. Lawrence’s appointment reflects Integris’ unwavering commitment to its more than 600 employees, their work fulfillment and career paths.

“The first of our four company values is ‘People First.’ I can’t think of a better representative of that value than Debbie Lawrence. She has a proven track record of helping companies create and maintain a workplace that fosters employee development. I look forward to welcoming Debbie to our executive team and seeing how she helps grow our biggest asset our people,” says Rashaad Bajwa, Chief Executive Officer of Integris.

“I look forward to championing Integris’ commitment to ‘People First.’ I am excited to work closely with the team on initiatives that foster a culture of innovation and inclusivity, enhance talent development efforts, and solidify Integris as an employer of choice,” says Debbie Lawrence, Chief People Officer.

About Debbie Lawrence:
As Chief People Officer, Debbie Lawrence will lead the Human Resources department and join the executive team in guiding company-wide decisions. Throughout her career, Lawrence has served in various HR roles, including HR Manager, Director of People and Culture, most recently serving as Chief People Officer for Logically. In 2018, Lawrence founded Talent Forward HR, a consultancy specializing in coaching companies on a variety of HR strategies and approaches. Lawrence attended Southern C