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Kasm Technologies Partners with XenTegra to Provide Digital Workspace Solution

Kasm Technologies has announced a partnership with XenTegra, a global leader in integrated digital workspace solutions, to provide on-demand web desktops, application streaming and web isolation technology for secure digital workspaces.

With Kasm’s expertise in container technology and XenTegra’s vast experience in end-user computing, customers will experience a seamless and enhanced digital experience. This partnership is set to redefine the standards of digital workspace solutions, offering unparalleled security, flexibility, and efficiency.

Andy Whiteside, XenTegra President and CEO, commented on the partnership, “Our collaboration with Kasm Workspaces is a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. By integrating Kasm’s unique containerized solutions into our portfolio, we’re ensuring that our clients receive the best tools available to optimize their digital workspaces.”

Real-time on-demand demo:

Kasm Workspaces technology combined with XenTegra scalable solution delivery provides the next-generation of desktop/application-on-demand capabilities and zero-trust secure remote access capabilities. This joint solution increases productivity, improves security, reduces costs, and enhances flexibility for your workforce enabling employees to work remotely in compliance with corporate policy and without the risk of data compromises.

“Embracing the EUC Renaissance, our collaboration with XenTegra signifies a transformative phase in workspace innovation. The core of our partnership is rooted in understanding the immense potential of end user computing.” stated Jaymes Davis, Chief Product Officer at Kasm. “This strategic alliance enables organizations to drive digital transformation, boost workspace efficiency, and optimize cloud costs. Together, XenTegra and Kasm Technologies are setting the stage for a groundbreaking chapter in workspace excellence, pushing the limits of EUC possibilities.”

The combined offering provides a web-native and devops-enabled integrated approach to simplify the way that you work. Leverage the productivity benefits of digital workspaces with a flexible and secure platform that simplifies IT management, reduces security risk, and optimizes employee workflows, allowing for connection, collaboration, and innovation on any application, device, or cloud.