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KellyOCG Unveils Revamped Kelly Helix Platform – Introducing Kelly Helix Analytics and Improved Human Cloud Solution

KellyOCG,  Kelly’s outsourcing and consulting group, is launching the evolution of our technology platform, Kelly Helix, with the launch of Kelly Helix Analytics and our enhanced Human Cloud solution, two innovative solutions , designed to improve the user experience and value for our customers.

Kelly Helix Analytics is the next evolution of our talent analytics portal. Building on a state-of-the-art technical architecture, we can now provide our customers with more tailored and real-time data, enabling better management of their remote workforce. With the expertise of the KellyOCG team, clients can seamlessly move from generating insights to creating significant impact. Key features include:

  • Data Storytelling:  Kelly Helix Analytics enables the KellyOCG team to transform data into actionable insights, making complex information easy to understand and enabling informed decisions.
  • Improved Transparency : This solution provides unparalleled transparency, giving companies a comprehensive view of their remote workforce, including global rates, performance indicators and supply chain effectiveness, ultimately leading to more effective workforce strategies.
  • Custom Dashboards : Kelly Helix Analytics allows us to tailor dashboards to the needs of specific user groups, providing relevant and actionable information in real time. This improvement enables HR managers and stakeholders to gain deeper insights and increase productivity through access to the most up-to-date data.  

Access to KellyOCG’s enhanced human cloud solution via Kelly Helix UX simplifies and secures talent acquisition and freelancer management for companies. By providing easy access to human cloud platforms, we give companies the confidence that they can find the right people for their jobs.

The Human Cloud solution streamlines administrative tasks, including contract management, payment processing and communication. This centralized approach promotes efficient collaboration between clients and freelancers, eliminating the need for fragmented tools and multiple communication channels. Key benefits include:

  • Simplified Freelancer Engagement : KellyOCG provides companies with an intuitive platform to independently search for and engage with freelancers, simplifying the process of identifying and hiring the right people.
  • Self-directed hiring:  Our tool allows the hiring committee to take an active role in talent acquisition and directly search for freelancers and select those that meet their needs and criteria.
  • Improved visibility and insights : With our solution, companies gain an improved overview of their freelancers with access to valuable insights. This supports decision makers and facilitates better resource allocation.  
  • Unmatched Expertise : As an industry leader in talent management, KellyOCG ensures customers remain at the forefront of the human cloud revolution. We enable companies, supported by our reliable specialist knowledge, to confidently use the global freelancer pool.  

“I am pleased to announce the strategic advancement of the Kelly Helix technology platform. When we  launched Kelly Helix UX in 2021 , our goal was clear: to improve our customers’ experiences and simplify their journey,” said Tammy Browning , President of KellyOCG. “This evolution represents a seamless expansion of our original vision, which is our offerings to new heights and making it much easier for hiring managers around the world to hire the talent they need. As the talent acquisition landscape becomes more complex, we remain true to our promise – we are committed to streamlining processes and empowering our valued customers to facilitate”.