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LEADx Launches Motivator™ to Boost Learner Engagement

LEADx, the leading behavioral change platform for leadership development, engagement, and sales enablement, announced the launch of LEADx Motivator™ today.

Motivator™ delivers personalized, motivational messages to learners in the natural flow of their work.

Higher-level leaders benefit from thoughtful, personalized messages delivered by executive coaches. But, scaling that same degree of attention to frontline leaders and individual contributors is often not realistic.

With LEADx Motivator™, scaling thoughtful, personalized messages to every employee becomes both realistic and affordable.

“Each of our 1,981 coaching activities is now accompanied by a uniquely generated motivational message to help guide learners in their development journey,” said Lucas Carlson, CTO of LEADx.

The LEADx platform combines behavioral science, smart algorithms, and expert insights to dramatically improve leadership behaviors, employee engagement, and productivity. And now, powered by a thoughtful integration with ChatGPT, LEADx Motivator joins an ensemble of other powerful features including:

  • The LEADx Assessment Suite: LEADx Big 5, CAT Scan (a 180 manager effectiveness survey), LEADx EQ-i, and more.
  • LEADx iNudge delivers highly-personalized behavioral nudges that drive learner engagement.
  • LEADx LiveChat: Learners can message directly with an expert LEADx coach.