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Liona Enterprises Forms Strategic Alliance with Paycor, Making a New Era of Cybersecurity and Human Capital Management Synergy

Liona Enterprises, a leader in the realm of information and cybersecurity, announces its pivotal alliance with Paycor HCM, Inc. , a major player in human capital management (HCM) software. This collaboration underscores the companies’ mutual commitment to innovative excellence, unmatched quality, and rigorous customer data protection.

In a comprehensive assessment process, both the Cincinnati MBA and the team at Paycor rigorously analyzed companies based on a spectrum of factors: strategic alignment, client-centricity, growth potential, organizational values, expertise of personnel, and a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Emerging as a beacon in this evaluation, Liona Enterprises secured a prestigious spot among the top nine entities in Paycor’s esteemed Marketplace.

Reflecting on this significant alliance, Michelle Morales-Denisoff, CEO of Liona Enterprises, said, “This goes beyond a mere partnership. We’re witnessing the convergence of two industry powerhouses. Together, Liona and Paycor are poised to navigate the intricate tech challenges of today, ensuring clients receive unparalleled technological and cybersecurity offerings from the best in the business.”

Micah Dickson, COO of Liona Enterprises, added, “This signifies the melding of two industry stalwarts. Our combined strength, particularly Liona’s cutting-edge cybersecurity division, offers clients unparalleled protection, spanning sectors from the Department of Defense to small startups. As Liona strides ahead as a leading name in secure AI and automation solutions, we’re set to redefine competitive edges in technology, particularly for SMEs. This alliance amplifies our clients’ access to innovative, high-quality technological and cybersecurity solutions.”

Tim Ruge, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Paycor, stated, “In collaboration with the Cincinnati MBA, our Empowerment Program aims to bolster local minority-led ventures. For us at Paycor, diversity transcends being a catchphrase it’s the bedrock of our ethos. We eagerly anticipate enriching our client interactions by aligning with partners who echo our foundational principles and objectives.”

Darrin Redus, CEO of the Minority Business Accelerator, said, “The alliance of the Minority Business Accelerator and Paycor signals a transformative era. Paycor’s unwavering support to amplify minority enterprises and our mission heralds a wave of progressive change in the commercial sphere.”