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LMS365 Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Learning Technology for Improved Workforce Development

LMS365, the leading AI-powered learning platform within the Microsoft 365 suite, is proud to announce its embedded AI capabilities that will deliver tailored and streamlined learning experiences for employees and ground-breaking course creation capabilities for admins. Underpinned by Microsoft’s advanced AI technologies, we will empower organizations to drive the skills and knowledge development of their workforce by providing personalized AI-guided learning paths that propel every employee towards reaching their maximum potential.

As the only Azure AI-powered learning platform built into Microsoft 365, LMS365 will enable Learning and Development (L&D), Human Resources (HR), and IT teams to leverage the superpowers of AI to create and deliver personalized training right in the applications people work with every day to maximize usage, engagement, and performance.

“AI is transforming the way organizations approach learning, skills development and talent management,” said¬†Robin Daniels, Chief Business and Product Officer at LMS365. “With our AI-powered solution, we will revolutionize the learning experience, making it more engaging, personalized, and aligned with business outcomes.”

LMS365’s AI capabilities will also address the key challenges faced by course creators, administrators, learners, and businesses:

  • Course creators and administrators will be superpowered to deliver learning like never before, creating courses 10 times faster and making best-fit-for-purpose content in seconds.
  • By using existing content in videos, presentations, or documents, they will be able to use AI to summarize and create amazing courses with just a few prompts. This will not only save time and resources, but also ensure that learners receive the training they need to succeed at work and progress in their career path.
  • Learner engagement has always been challenging for organizations, but LMS365’s AI-powered solution will also tackle this head-on. By offering personalized learning paths instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, learners will be able to learn in the style they prefer, increasing motivation and knowledge retention.
  • By using AI technology, we will also allow businesses to tie learning programs with their specific goals, ensuring that training is directly linked to business success.

“AI is not about replacing people; it’s about making people better, more engaged, and more successful,” says Daniels.