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Marpai Launches Marpai Connect Platform to Predict and Help Modify Risk in Healthcare

Marpai Connect proactively matches members to best-in-class value-based providers to improve member health and lower costs for employers

Marpai, Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered healthcare payer transforming self-funded employer health plans, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative platform, Marpai Connect.

Marpai Connect, an AI and data-driven matchmaking platform, actively pairs health plan members with an array of value-based providers. Marpai Connect offers self-insured employers a way to reduce risk and cost associated with their healthcare spending. Marpai Connect will be a core part of Marpai’s offerings within health plans that it manages for self-insured employers. It includes analytics to measure the impact of the value-based solutions over time versus the current trend. 

Marpai also intends to offer Marpai Connect to other healthcare payers starting in Q4 of this year.  

“We realized that chronic diseases are currently representing 41% of the cost across our book of business”, said Lutz Finger, Marpai’s President of Product and Development. To address those costs, Marpai Connect started to partner with the best value-based solutions for chronic conditions. As of June 2023, Marpai Connect will offer more new vendors.

Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai, emphasized, “There are amazing, evidence-based solutions that are very specific to a condition, like diabetes, but our clients need a portfolio of solutions covering all the cost drivers of a health plan. That’s what Marpai Connect delivers.” To monitor the cost drivers, Marpai Connect has created a new AI driven forecasting solution so that Marpai Connect clients can keep track of the reduction of cost. 

The cornerstone of Marpai Connect’s distinctive approach is its use of advanced deep learning technologies, which enable the proactive identification and outreach of health plan members in need. “Marpai Connect is not just about reporting cost trends, rather we’re helping plan members improve their health and this leads to savings for employers,” asserted Mr. Gonzalez.

Marpai Connect aims to create more quality life years for its members.  “We have ambitious plans”, said Mr. Finger. “We aim to grow our value-based-care network to cover more than 15 different disease states.”

The launch of Marpai Connect signifies Marpai’s dedication to revolutionizing the healthcare industry. By harnessing AI and data, Marpai is transforming the landscape of self-funded health plans, providing a higher quality of care while effectively managing costs.