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McLean & Company Responds to Changes in the HR Landscape With New HR Management and Governance Framework and Diagnostic Tools

The labor landscape has evolved, impacting the way HR functions within an organization. The research and advisory firm’s newly expanded HR management and governance framework is informed by the changes experienced over the past few years to help HR leaders prepare their teams for continued change and the unknown future.

As workplaces navigate shifting social, economic, and technological drivers, organizations are increasingly recognizing HR as both a critical organizational function and a valued strategic partner. Global HR research and advisory firm McLean & Company is highlighting the broader scope HR teams are undertaking in a changing world of work with the launch of an expanded HR Management & Governance (HRMG) Framework. 

At its core, the new HRMG framework enables the ability to gather data on all areas to create a practical roadmap for elevating HR functions in the current and ever-evolving climate,” explains Amanda Chaitnarine, director of Advisory Services at McLean & Company. “The components of the framework have been streamlined to make adaptation to the current standing of HR teams, as well as future development, easy.”

The firm’s framework update reflects the modernization of the HR discipline and has been informed by the examination of external factors, including the impacts of globalization, recession, an increased focus on employee rights and wellbeing, and a greater demand from employees for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Purpose-built for HR leaders and their teams, the highly visual framework simplifies the complexity of HR, provides a practical roadmap for performance improvement, and guides strategic and evidence-based decision making. 

“The goal of expanding the HRMG framework was to provide an engaging visual model that would act as a practical guide to support the mapping of each HR function’s activities, identify any gaps, and prioritize initiatives according to strategic value,” says Karen Mann, vice president of HR Research, Learning, Advisory Services at McLean & CompanyEach element within the framework is backed by comprehensive research and tools to help HR professionals improve core processes.”

The new HRMG framework aims to help HR professionals visualize HR’s expanded scope across nine key functions and 39 areas of HR. The update is outlined below:

  1. Organizational Effectiveness includes People Strategy, Change Management, Organizational Design, and Mergers & Acquisitions Management.
  2. Learning & Development covers L&D Strategy & Operations, Onboarding, Learning & Talent Development, Instructional Design & Delivery, Leadership Development, and Compliance Training.
  3. Employee Experience & Inclusion highlights Culture, Employee Engagement Strategy, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategy, and Health & Wellbeing.
  4. Talent Management encompasses Talent Management Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning, Succession Planning, Internal Mobility, and Performance Management.
  5. Talent Acquisition examines Talent Acquisition Strategic Planning, Employer Brand, Recruiting Coordination, Candidate Sourcing, and Candidate Selection.
  6. Total Rewards includes Total Rewards Strategic Planning, Total Employee Compensation, Recognition Programs, Benefits, and Retirement Services.
  7. HR Technology & Analytics looks at HR Technology Strategic Planning, HR Technology Operations, and Metrics, Analytics, & Reporting.
  8. Core Services covers HR Policies, Employee Relations, Labor Relations, and Attendance Management.
  9. Auxiliary Services manages Payroll, Relocation Management, and Employee Communications.

In addition to the HRMG framework, the research and advisory firm has developed two key diagnostic survey tools to help HR and people leaders apply the framework to their respective organizations. These updated diagnostics include the HR Management & Governance (HRMG) Diagnostic and the HR Organizational Alignment (HROA) Diagnostic survey tools.

“The HRMG Diagnostic survey tool and associated guide are targeted for HR teams who need to align internally, while the HROA Diagnostic survey tool and guide are intended for HR teams to align with their partners within the organization,” says Laura Hansen-Kohls, associate vice president of HR Diagnostics at McLean & Company. “When transparency is applied in understanding the differences between organizational and HR perceptions, holistic alignment becomes possible and enables better relationships and high-impact action planning for initiatives that matter.”

The diagnostic survey tools have been designed to work in tandem with one another to provide a holistic overview that will allow the effective prioritization of program and planning efforts based on organizational needs. Associated guides, when combined with the diagnostics, will help facilitate an honest comparison of organizational leaders’ satisfaction with HR’s effectiveness against HR’s perceptions of effectiveness for each of its functions.

“The diagnostic is just the beginning,” explains Hansen-Kohls. “The HRMG Framework aligns with McLean & Company’s products, services, and subject matter expertise to support members with initiatives they need to see real, impactful, and long-term improvement.”

McLean and Company’s HR Management and Governance Framework establishes a research-informed, holistic model of HR. McLean and Company’s HROA and HRMG Diagnostic tools are tools to better understand the perception of HR and organizational leaders. They serve to empower HR departments in effectively understanding needs and increasing efficiencies that allow critical HR functions to align with organizational goals. These diagnostics reflect the HRMG framework and can be used to inform an HR strategy and structure that reflects the current reality and future expectations. 

To take advantage of the full resource bundle, HR professionals can access the updated HR Management & Governance (HRMG) Frameworkthe HR Management & Governance (HRMG) Diagnostic survey tooland the HR Organizational Alignment (HROA) Diagnostic survey tool.

McLean & Company is also pleased to offer the HR Management & Governance (HRMG) Diagnostic Guide and the HR Organizational Alignment (HROA) Diagnostic Guide to support the understanding and application of the diagnostic survey tools. The guides direct the creation of evidence-based action plans, ultimately leading to improved people and culture initiatives.