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Modern Health Central™ Offers Organizations a Single, Unified Platform to Elevate How Employers Understand, Cultivate, and Scale Workplace Well-Being

Modern Health Launches A New, Enhanced Employer Hub for Workplace Well-Being

Modern Health, a leading global workplace mental health platform, today announces the launch of Modern Health Central™, a new enhanced employer hub for workplace well-being. HR leaders are facing a growing expectation to become mental health first responders despite having a hard time supporting their own mental health as they face everything from a global pandemic to macroeconomic pressures. Modern Health has evolved its employer Insights Hub to create an industry-defining platform for employers to scale employee well-being and meet evolving expectations.

“Managing employees in 2023 is no easy feat, and HR leaders are adapting to changing expectations around well-being in the workplace,” comments Maureen Calabrese, Chief People Officer at Modern Health. “These groups are expected to be culture-transformers, first responders to critical incidents, and more even if they lack expertise, insights, and resources in these areas. HR leaders today need a partner that can provide timely and appropriate support for employees in need while also easing the burden on HR leaders themselves.”

In October 2022, the U.S. Surgeon General released a Workplace Mental Health Framework intended to be a national call to action for employers to prioritize employee well-being. The focus on workplace mental health has never been clearer, but not all employers are equipped to navigate this emerging landscape.

“Working as a leader responsible for producing all of our cultural heritage month events, I cannot emphasize enough how phenomenal it has been to have Modern Health as a dedicated ally,” comments Solomon Wilkins, VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging at Amyris. “They have gone above and beyond to support us, offering a comprehensive range of communication and content support that has helped increase employee awareness and engagement. If you haven’t had a chance to partner with Modern Health, I highly recommend them, especially for inclusion and diversity and ERG initiatives.”

Introducing Modern Health Central — A Unified Platform To Scale Workplace Well-Being

At Modern Health, part of our mission is to help employers boldly and positively integrate mental health into workplace culture. Modern Health Central is a single, unified platform available to all Modern Health customers, designed to empower and enable people teams, HR business partners, Employee Resource Group (ERG) leads, managers, and other key leaders with resources to support their teams and scale employee well-being. It includes all the capabilities of our Insights Hub plus new enhancements.

Modern Health Central includes capabilities such as:

  • On-demand insights reporting: Real-time access to metrics on organizational well-being, areas of need, and utilization of care options, which can be segmented by department or office location. All data is aggregated and anonymized to optimize member privacy protection.
  • Resource library templates & guides: Intelligent search, categorization, and navigation across clinician-developed guides, communication templates, and resources for admins, managers, and employees. Client resources cover key areas for support like Crisis and Stressful Events, Professional Health, and DEIB.
  • Stressful event response: Modern Health Central includes a suite of outreach templates and frameworks to help HR teams and managers extend swift, decisive, and empathetic support in response to difficult internal or external events (ranging from RIFs to natural disasters).
  • Tools to promote inclusive culture: Modern Health Central now enables admins to grant DEIB and ERG leads direct access to tools needed to foster inclusive spaces that support employee belonging, including resources for employees across identities and communities.
  • Admin permissioning and tools: Granular permissioning allows admins to grant leaders, managers, and people teams appropriate access to communication templates, guides, and resources, as well as advanced admin capabilities like benefits linking.