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Modern Hire Launches Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) for Flight Attendants

New virtual job assessment tool for flight attendants helps airlines more quickly, efficiently, and ethically select and retain best-fit candidates to meet the fast-growing travel industry

Modern Hire, the enterprise hiring platform that uses advanced selection science to reduce bias and predict candidate fit, today announced the launch of Virtual Job Tryout® (VJT) for Flight Attendants, a preconfigured assessment tool geared toward candidates across the globe seeking employment as a flight attendant. Modern Hire’s VJT for Flight Attendants is an extension of its successful, award-winning science-based VJT simulation assessment technology, designed specifically to provide candidates with a realistic preview of the expectations and challenges of being a flight attendant and measure key skills and abilities critical to success in the role.

Air travel growth is on pace to surpass 2019 levels by next year. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in February 2023 domestic air traffic was at 97.2% of the February 2019 level, and depending on geographic regions it’s projected to jump 20% to 60% by 2030. This surge in demand is leading to a growing need for flight attendants in both newly created positions and to backfill vacant positions. Modern Hire’s VJT for Flight Attendants addresses these challenges by enabling recruiting teams responsible for the hiring of this role to quickly, ethically, and more accurately identify best-fit candidates based on job-specific content while also reducing turnover.

“Current labor shortages in the airline industry, coupled with the projected growth in air travel, is placing added pressure on airlines to quickly hire candidates for flight attendant positions with the potential to succeed and stay in the job,” said Mike Hudy, Ph.D. and Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire. “VJT for Flight Attendants allows for a fair and comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s skills and abilities by measuring candidate performance in realistic scenarios specific to the role, like assisting passengers with flight details or seating assignments. This objective evaluation enables employers to make quality-of-hire decisions while giving candidates a realistic preview of the expectations and challenges of the job, increasing retention rates.” 

Modern Hire’s VJT for Flight Attendants helps airlines create an efficient, effective, and ethical process for hiring new airline stewards. Hiring teams can easily invite multiple candidates at once to complete the assessment, streamlining the process for teams responsible for high-volume hiring. Through science-based simulation- and text-based interview assessment, hiring teams gain insight into a candidate’s ability to succeed at various facets of the role, and the likelihood of staying in the job. This increases quality of hire and improves retention rates, while also mitigating bias, as candidates are evaluated on objective, job-relevant data.

Additionally, candidates get to experience what the job is really like by engaging in a series of job-related exercises, helping them learn more about the organization and if the role is right for them. The result is candidates who feel they’ve been treated fairly and leave the experience fans of the brand, even if they don’t get the job. This is especially important for the airline industry where everyone is a potential customer.

Modern Hire’s pre-employment assessments are based on the company’s research-based Competency Model to provide candidates with an ethical and engaging hiring experience that delivers greater candidate satisfaction and reduced turnover. VJT for Flight Attendants is also built for use internationally and is available in all the languages Modern Hire supports.