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Moveworks pioneers the first multilingual AI platform built to support global companies

Employees can now instantly resolve their workplace requests by asking Moveworks in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese.

Moveworks, the AI platform that automates support at work, today announced two critical product enhancements that allow global workforces to stay productive from anywhere.

The first is multilingual support: Moveworks now understands and resolves requests from employees, whether they ask in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, or Portuguese. They simply describe their requests to the Moveworks AI chatbot in normal conversation to get what they need right away. The second enhancement is Moveworks for Web, which provides the same conversational experience directly inside enterprise portals, including ServiceNow, SharePoint, and Epic. Combined, they deliver 24/7 help to employees in their language and channel of choice.

“Artificial intelligence is the only way to give immediate support to every employee wherever they live and whatever language they speak,” said Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah. “We’ve spent years developing the deepest understanding of what people need at work, based on hundreds of machine learning models that are trained on more than 250 million requests. Extending our technology to these new languages and platforms means our customers can empower everyone, equally, to make an impact.”

Moveworks is now multilingual

For non-English speakers, getting help at work can be a frustrating experience, since their options are often limited to emailing an English-speaking service desk or navigating through an English-only portal. Conventional solutions to this challenge involve an enormous effort for support teams. For example, most support chatbots require them to script out entire conversations for every use case, by hand, and then update each script as enterprise resources change over time. And because such chatbots rely on rote translation, they struggle to understand real requests, which contain company-specific jargon and entities in multiple languages.

Moveworks is the first solution that makes multilingual support automatic: it takes no training for employees and no scripting for support teams. Employees submit issues to Moveworks in their preferred language, just as they would to a local service desk agent, and they can even seamlessly switch to a different language on the fly. Under the hood, the platform determines the most useful solution or combination of solutions to each issue and responds in the appropriate language, without any human intervention.

“As a global company, we need to provide the same quality of support to every employee at Albemarle to empower their potential, no matter which languages they speak,” said Patrick Thompson, CIO at Albemarle Corporation. “Moveworks gives our people 24/7 help in their native language just by having a natural conversation with the bot. Now, they can get support right away, without us needing localized service desks in each location.”

Becoming truly multilingual meant evolving the entire Moveworks Intelligence Engine,™ the array of machine learning models that power the platform. To engage with employees on their terms, Moveworks uses a probabilistic bidding system that weighs every possible response, including switching languages, rather than sticking to a script. To understand support issues in any language, the platform goes beyond translation, using bespoke NLU models trained to recognize entities, like conference room names, that shouldn’t be translated at all. And to resolve requests end-to-end, Moveworks employs techniques like cross-lingual information retrieval, which lets it find and rank potential answers. All of that complexity is invisible to end users, who ask for help and receive a personalized response in seconds.

Introducing Moveworks for Web

Today, most employees engage with Moveworks via Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other enterprise messaging tools that enable real-time conversation. But about 25% of employees get support through portals like ServiceNow. That’s why Moveworks has brought its conversational AI interface to several portals and web platforms, allowing companies to deliver faster support across all channels.

“To provide the immediate care that our patients expect, we need to support our workforce the moment they need help,” said Dianne Kokotoff, Executive Director of Enterprise Solutions & Automation at Wellstar Health System. “Moveworks has made real-time support possible, meeting our team members where they work. And now with Moveworks for Web, we’ve brought that instant experience to ServiceNow. We’re looking forward to bringing the same experience to SharePoint and Epic.”

By design, Moveworks intelligently “follows” users across channels to guarantee consistent, personalized, and secure support. An employee who engages with Moveworks via Slack to request a new laptop, for instance, is able to check the status of her request in SharePoint, without completing a separate authentication process. Both multilingual support and Moveworks for Web pave the way for more efficient and more equitable companies, where productivity doesn’t depend on an employee’s native language or unique working style.

“Moveworks offers the ability to go anywhere for help email, Slack, our ServiceNow portal and still end up in the bot’s hands as the first line of support,” said Steve Januario, Vice President of Digital Employee Experience at Palo Alto Networks. “It’s letting us get the fastest response, right up front.”