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Namely Expands Partner Program by Adding Global Payroll Support

Mid-Market HR Solution Can Offer Personalized Payroll Support from Local Experts and Compliance with International Requirements in 185+ Countries

Namely, a Vensure Employer Solutions company, and the leading HR platform designed specifically for mid-sized companies, announced today that it has added global payroll support to its extensive partner program. Known as the HR system that employees love, Namely’s existing partner program includes numerous noteworthy solutions providers, including Employ/JazzHR, Human Interest, Mineral and Vestwell.

As workforces become increasingly borderless, especially with remote and hybrid work models proliferating, the need for global payroll capabilities has escalated. Country-specific labor laws and payroll management are complex, with the need to align payroll schedules across the organization while ensuring full compliance with local regulations. Since each country even local jurisdictions within countries has different requirements, timelines and taxation, the ability to accurately centralize payroll streamlines administrative burdens and reduces costly errors. This is true whether a company has 50 employees in France or five in Malaysia in addition to its U.S. workforce.

Namely’s first global payroll partner is Velocity Global. The integration between these systems means clients can access their workforce data through a single sign-on and see all of their supported employees in one view. This integration saves valuable time by reducing efforts spent on back-end tasks, and the synchronization of data between systems reduces errors, omissions and budget overruns.

Namely’s Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Jonathan Wall, commented, “Two-thirds of Namely clients have international employees, with India, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and China topping the list. Payroll in each of these countries is vastly different and requires dedicated expertise to ensure timely processing and observance of local regulatory requirements. Velocity Global has consistently proven its commitment to reducing the barriers to building and supporting global teams, and we’re excited to welcome them to the Namely Partner Program.”