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Net at Work Announces New Partnership with Rippling

Net at Work also announces “Employee Experience” practice, delivering powerful, flexible next-gen HR solutions tailored to meet the demands of today’s digitally-driven workforce.

Net at Work, a leading provider of next-generation technologies for small-to-medium-sized businesses, today announced a new partnership with Rippling, the leading unified workforce platform, becoming the first member of Rippling’s reseller program.

Rippling provides a best-in-class HR, IT, and Finance platform to help organizations efficiently manage global workforces, bringing together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. So, for the first time ever, companies can manage every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system, fostering collaboration, better communication, and ultimately making their employees around the world more engaged and productive.

“We’re excited to welcome Net at Work as our first Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner. They have deep expertise in the industry and are committed to delivering a great experience for each client,” said Matt Donaldson, Rippling’s Senior Director of Channel Sales. “It’s a three-way win for Rippling, Net at Work, and most importantly our customers. This new partnership will enhance Net at Work’s offering and ultimately make it easier for our clients to run their business.”

Net at Work also announces that their Employer Solutions practice has been renamed “Employee Experience” to reflect its focus on providing today’s workforce – increasingly made up of remote, hybrid and gig workers – with next-gen digital solutions that improve the way they work. Studies show that employees provided with tools that facilitate collaboration while giving them the ability to work “asynchronously,” lower barriers to productivity, enable them to develop/acquire skills, and better balance work and life, are more deeply invested in their work and their company’s mission. Net at Work’s Employee Experience practice will help organizations address their core HR challenges:  improving engagement (decreasing “quiet quitting”), increasing productivity, and competing for top talent.

“We realize that today’s workforce challenges are vastly different than any other time,” said Harold Ford, Net at Work’s, Employee Experience Practice Director. “An organization’s next-generation employee portal is critical to increasing employee engagement and is a major component of the employee branding experience. Every employee will access this portal it must provide not only the functionality but the user experience as well. Our focus on the employee experience and our agreement with Rippling reflects our alignment with these realities.”