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Netigate unveils new brand identity along with revolutionary employee engagement platform

Netigate has rebuilt its brand from the ground up, to highlight its mission and core purpose and to carry the company through the full revolution from survey tool to experience management solution.

The announcement of the new brand identity signals another major milestone in the company’s journey. With a clear focus on understanding people, Netigate‘s rebranding effort goes beyond a mere visual transformation; it brings the company’s core purpose and mission to the forefront. 

“We want to let people know what we stand for. It really boils down to our ability to genuinely understand people and to help companies do so. We want our customers to confidently act on the things that truly matter to their employees and customers. Those are the things that will make a difference and really drive their businesses forward,” says Martyna Studniarska, Director of Brand, Netigate 

The new brand 

Netigate’s new brand identity revolves around its core purpose: “Give every voice value.” This essence underscores the company’s mission to provide a platform for individuals to genuinely express their opinions and ensure their voices are heard, respected, and utilised to incentivise growth. The new brand vision, “Enriched experiences, empowered people,” serves as a guiding light, driving the company’s commitment to creating environments that foster growth, collaboration, and fulfilment. Grounded in the desire to gain insight into human thoughts and feelings, Netigate’s mission, “Inspire action through authentic understanding of people,” emphasizes the significance of empathy and genuine connections within organisations. 

To highlight the company’s full focus on understanding people, the new colour palette is inspired by Pantone skin tones. 

“It’s a way for us to pay tribute to what is at the core of what we do, which is people. And to tie in the topic of diversity and the importance of making everyone’s voices heard. If you are going to listen to and analyse every voice, you will need a powerful tool and the right expertise to do so. That’s where Netigate comes in.” – Martyna Studniarska, Director of Brand, Netigate